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How passionate are you when it comes to writing? Do you wish to publish your knowledge to the world? If your dream is to reach out to the world through writing, then you are just a step away from getting published. Try getting things done by writing for Success Manual.

We at Success Manual are so eager to share with others through writing, and therefore believe that there are lots of people like us out there. People who are ready to transform the world through wisdom bestowed to them by God.

All men are writers. Our stories and experiences are things that create the best of articles. Sit down today and write something to inspire the world through Success Manual. Give us an opportunity to expose you to the world through writing. As a writer the Web is your Canvas and nothing makes greater value of it than utilizing it to share your thoughts.

"Be Part of The Movement"

Success Manual is currently accepting articles regarding any inspirational, personal growth and motivational stories. Any other articles are accepted as long as they are relevant to our niche.

How to Get Published
We are looking for talented individuals who can compose and write own articles from scratch. Any form of plagiarism will lead to automatic disqualification from getting published with us. Do not copy articles from other sites, our expert team is equipped enough to detect any slight form of plagiarism.

We accept articles published in English, and must meet international standards.

Accepted format;
  1. All articles should have an introduction, a well-defined body, and conclusion 
  2. Articles should be at least not less than 500 words. 
  3. Attachment of images for further elaboration is highly recommended. 
  4. Use meaningful and appropriate sub-titles. 
Learning material;
If you are interested in writing learning material, kindly ensure the following;
  1. Ensure that the material provided is short and straight to the point so as to make it much easier for the reader to understand. 
  2. Indicate your information and photo sources where applicable. 
In case you would like to have an infographic published on this blog;
  1. Ensure that it has a width of not less than 900 pixels
  2. Must have a height of not bigger than 3000 pixels
  3. Provide the URL of the Infographic
  4. In case you would like to include text, should not be more than 300 words
Submitting your article
When all is set and the article is ready;-
  1. Arrange the images necessary and encrypt them in zip format. 
  2. Proof read your document 
  3. Send an attachment of the above files to the author through Mollie 
  4. Your article will be reviewed and published within 24 hours if approved. 
We offer you an opportunity of including 3 back-links. These may link to your website, blog or fan page.

We would so much love to hear from you. Send us your articles and in case of any inquiry, don’t hesitate to write us an email through Mollie

Good Luck

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