Why You Should Take The Leap and File A Personal Injury Claim
As a personal injury lawyer, I understand that the negative stigma associated with my profession. We are seen as ambulance chasers who prey upon the injured to make money for ourselves by exploiting their vulnerability. But that is simply not true. A lot of my clients suffer from life altering injuries or they are the family members of someone who died because of a third party’s negligence or failure to meet the standard duty of care.

Many people believe that after an injury nothing can be done; that filing a claim is a long tedious process that will end up costing them more money in the long run. Some of my clients didn’t seek treatment for their injuries because they were scared of going into debt from their medical bills.

That’s why I created this ebook “From Pavement to Payment: A Guide Through The Personal Injury Claim Process.” The goal of this book is to explain to anyone who is interested in the process of filing a personal injury claim. It is also to show that the victim or family of a victim has little to no risk in filing a claim and that working in tandem with a personal injury attorney can help them through this difficult time.

Breaking Down The Book
The book is divided into 4 chapters:
Chapter 1: After An Accident: What To Do and What Not To Do
Chapter 2: The Ins and Outs of Personal Injury Law
Chapter 3: Now What?
Chapter 4: Collecting Your Personal Injury Settlement and What To Do With It

What To Do After An Accident
Chapter 1 focuses on several different types of personal injury accident from car accidents to defective products to workplace accidents. Each section gives a synopsis on what you should and shouldn’t do if you are injured in these accidents. Many people feel that they have a viable personal injury claim but will inadvertently cause harm to their case if they are not careful with how they preserve the evidence.

Personal Injury Laws Are Needed
Chapter 2 attempts to explain the history of personal injury law and why these laws exist. Personal Injury laws have been around since The Code of Hammurabi which was the first written set of laws. While many people believe that personal injury claims can be frivolous, this section explains why they are necessary in modern society. It also goes in depth on the different types of negligence to illustrate that sometimes people are being negligent without realizing they are doing so.

What It’s Like Working With An Attorney
Chapter 3 is a step by step list of what happens if you decide to put in a claim. Many people don’t realize that in a personal injury accident, we will work with your doctor to help cover the cost of your medical bills while you are being treated for your injury. The doctors will be paid once we reach a settlement on your behalf. This should never be a reason to not file a claim. This chapter also gives a description of going to trial. While most personal injury law firms settle cases, a trial might be needed if no agreement can be reached.

What To Do With Your Settlement Money
One of the most difficult things to witness is watching people squander their settlement money which is why I felt it was necessary to include Chapter 4. In this chapter, we give suggestions on how your settlement money can be used to help improve the quality of your life such as paying off debts, investing in your home and working with a financial manager.

In conclusion, my ultimate goal for this ebook is to help educate people that if they are injured through no wrongdoing of their own, filing a personal injury lawsuit with an attorney can help them have a better quality life. Check out the ebook
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