Top 7 Habits that can Prolong Life
"The turtle does not hurry, that's why it lives for a long time," said one of the great ones and was right. However, often a long life brings only the suffering, because a person inexorably grows old and various age-related illnesses only aggravate the situation. However, sometimes it happens that harmful habits actually allow us to live and enjoy life for a long time. We have made the list of such habits which only will help to live longer.

It's not a secret that for health you need to develop a sleep regime and go to bed no later than twelve at night. However, the doctors from China have developed a whole system, according to which they calculated at what time which organ is being restored. So, according to the system, from 21:00 the immune system starts to fight with viruses, at 23:00 for an hour the liver is cleaned, in the period from 3:00 am to 5:00 am, lungs and kidneys are cleared. Therefore, the optimal time to go to bed is time after 10 pm - then all your organs will have time to recover.

Although all the doctors literally trumpet at every corner about how harmful alcoholic drinks are, but scientists from Britain have proved through experiments that a small dose of red wine is useful. In addition, especially if you use no more than 32 grams of this drink a day. Red wine reduces the risk of heart attack, diabetes and atherosclerosis, as well as some other diseases. In addition, red wine increases life expectancy by an average of five years.

Sun and sunburn
Scientists have proved that women who were in the sun for more than an hour during the day, reduced the risk of cancer in their bodies by 67%. Sunbathing also helps fight depression and reduces the risk of diabetes. Nevertheless, remember that it is better not to appear in the sun at lunch, because at this time you can get burnt very quickly.

Teeth and Shower
Despite the fact that since childhood parents and doctors have taught us to observe hygiene, many scientists say that too frequent washing deprives the skin of the necessary fatty layer, because of what it becomes drier and less efficiently copes with the protection of the body. The same thing, by the way, happens with the teeth during their cleaning, so many call for the repeal of the rule about brushing your teeth twice a day.

Vitamin for longevity: what you need to eat Bread crusts
Nutritionists have repeatedly said that crackers are a very useful food, as well as bread crusts. First, the crust contains several times more useful antioxidants that help to resist the development of cancer and cleanse the body, so bread crusts have more health benefits than the rest of the loaf of bread.

Loud and sharp sounds can destroy the affective background of a person and harm his nervous system. Therefore, experts often recommend to get rid of the alarm clock or to put a calm melody. The same concerns timers, alarms and even a teapot with a whistle. An unexpected infringement of silence can even lead to a heart attack issues, especially in people with high blood pressure.

French scientists learned that active dances can prolong life and improve the body. Particularly useful is salsa, which helps strengthen bones, lungs and blood vessels, and also relieves asthma and other breathing problems.

The source of eternal youth, has not yet been invented by scholars, sages, or even those who call themselves healers. However, we can extend our lives ourselves only by consuming foods from our list. Specialists in search of a source of eternal youth, or at least longevity, compiled special lists of products that already at one use multiply the number of years a person lived. We know what is necessary to eat to live longer.

In fact, food is a direct factor that influences our longevity: "You are what you eat." If you deny the notion of "healthy eating", you can immediately deny the notion of longevity. At least, scientists say about the connection of these two factors. Excess weight, bad habits - all this reduces our life. Nevertheless, fortunately, there are also products that can help in this.

Here's your cranberry!
You can treat cranberries differently - do not recognize it, do not like it, but these berries are definitely very useful. The researchers found that young fruit flies, who were added cranberry extract as food, lived 25% longer than others. Especially the duration of life in flies, which were in the so-called "old age", increased.

Drink green tea and do not be bored
Green tea not only normalizes the pressure, sates with energy and helps to lose weight, but also helps prolong life. Proof of this is the life expectancy of the eastern peoples, for example - the Chinese and Japanese. All because green tea also helps fight heart diseases. It is proved that the risk of death is reduced by 26% in those people who consume several cups of green tea a day.

Scientists from Harvard a few decades ago proved that people who eat a handful of nuts daily, live longer than others. In addition, nuts protect against cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

Blueberries not only help to improve eyesight, but also significantly prolong life. Experts recommend eating blueberries because of the polyphenol contained in it - plant pigment, which is a powerful natural antioxidant, as they can prolong our life. A diet rich in polyphenols can reduce the risk of death by 30%.

Researchers from Ohio State University say that salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to slow the aging process.

Whole grains and olive oil
Consumption of olive oil, grains and bread from whole grain flour is a distinctive feature of the diet in the Mediterranean. Such a diet as a whole has a good effect on the health of the heart, hair, skin, muscles and for a long time prevents from wrinkles. Besides this, olive oil and grains also help to prolong the life of the elderly by 20%.

The Truth in Wine
However, this truth was confirmed not in Greece, not in Georgia, France or any other wine country, but in Holland. It was there that scientists agreed that half a glass of wine per day contributes to the prolongation of the life of men. They found that representatives of the strong half of humanity, who allow themselves a small amount of light red wine live up to five years longer than those who consume other types of alcohol. All because the red wine contains antioxidants that can protect against heart disease.

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