Cleaning the house is often something we constantly put off and it’s not long before the house is a complete mess. Very few people like cleaning but maybe this infographic from HappyCleans will help you change your ways as it shows you how cleaning is a form of a workout. For example, an hour of cleaning windows in the house burns 180 calories, so while it may not be the most enjoyable task, it  at least helps you keep fit. Even simple tasks like making the bed burn 130 calories in just 30 minutes. If you want to venture outside to tend to the garden, mowing the lawn can be a great bit of exercise and as it’s quite an intensive workout it burns around 185 calories in just half an hour.

While it’s likely that you will never like cleaning, if you’re aware that it’s at least burning calories it might encourage you to keep going. Check out the whole infographic now for more information on burning calories as you clean.

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