No matter how crazy you are about your job, how passionate you are about every new project or ecstatic about a completed task, let’s face it – you’d rather laze it out on a beach somewhere (or a mountain) with your mind at peace and your laptop shut off. And, that’s fine! We’re all like that and it’s only natural. However, office life is a huge part of our lives and – in order for it to work to our advantage rather than against us – we should optimize it in a way it inspires us and brings out the best out of our workday. Sure, finding every possible opportunity to browse through your social media accounts while at work may be as equally thrilling as actually working, but let’s try and focus on the latter for now, shall we?

Note to the bosses
One of the top elements of a productive office is its presentation; no matter what they do or how long their work-hours are, people love being surrounded with beautiful things, calming and joyful colors, functional equipment and – obviously – happy people. Don’t expect your creatives to come up with awesome projects and deliver even better results surrounded with dull furniture, gray walls, semi-functional equipment and questionably functioning heating; the environment you create will directly relate to your employees’ creative input – so, get real and start upgrading your office so it becomes the place your people actually like spending time at. 

P.S. It won’t hurt the productivity, either!

Here are a few suggestions:

Set the tone of the office
Before you start with the upgrade, decide on the tone of the office you want to set. Are you going for modern glass walls, “cold” atmosphere and flat design? Should you, maybe, go a bit colorful and retro? Is your office going to have a business or a homey vibe? Are you the type of business to go eclectic on office design? Think about it for a second and make sure you opt for the type of design that agrees with the type of business you are and your employees’ sensibility. 
Give it a new coat of paint

Once you’ve decided on the office vibe, give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Nothing beats a clean, fresh space, really; it looks great and people love these types of changes. Consider switching things up from regular white to something more thought-provoking, interesting or calming. You can color different departments different colors and, in such a way, create a buzz. If you are unsure about coloring, put it up for a debate with your team and let them decide – the color with most votes, wins! 
Create the “chill area”

An optional area but a fantastic idea for all the offices that have the capacity/space for it. A chill area or popularly called chill zone is a great spot for your people to go and have a break, restart from work, recharge by indulging shooting some pool, playing darts, watching TV or whatever it is that you equip the room with. Add a few lazy bags, a comfy sofa, put out some candy and you’ll be good to go. 

Mind the equipment

No office has ever been productive with equipment that’s only kind of working, and – if you’ve been trying to save up by denying people quality gadgets to work with, change that practice immediately! Whether they are constantly at the office or your policy allows for remote-working, a solid Lenovo X1 laptop per employee will make things much better in the long run. When people have good equipment to work on, their stress levels decrease, they work faster, and the results are fantastic. So, move things around and make a budget for your equipment updates. If you can’t buy everyone a new laptop at the same time, buy in batches divided per project importance. Simple. 
Buy quality lamps

Unfortunately, not every office space has the possibility of enjoying natural light, but a solid lamp choice can fix that (well, a bit at least). Equip your office with ceiling LED lamps or make sure every employee’s desk has one personal LED. Why LED? Well, not only are they environmentally-friendly, but they emit white light which is way better for the eyes than the traditional yellow bulbs. Plus, although they are a bit more expensive to start with, they are cost-effective in the long run as they last three times longer than regular bulbs. 
Let things get personal 

Letting, or – better yet – encouraging your employees to personalize their desks is a great way to let them feel comfy and happy at their workstation. A favorite plant, photo, scented candle (never to be lit, though), coffee mug, or any other item works perfectly. No one likes those sterile desks and cubicles so make sure your people know you appreciate a personal touch. It’s good for morale and it bothers no one. 

If you’ve got a nice space (and when we say nice, we mean walls that aren’t falling off, heating that’s working, staircase that’s fixed, no broken windows, a clean space, etc.), you’re solid. All it’ll take is a few upgrades as suggested above and you’ll be good as gold. 

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