Chasing Rabbits
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Have you ever tried to catch a rabbit? Not the easiest thing to do! And most of us try to chase two, three or four rabbits every day in our Olives. And it causes stress, anxiety, pressure, and loss of momentum in all we do. It's called: Lack of Focus.

Do you know what the word FOCUS stands for? Follow O-ne C-ourse U-ntil S-ucceessful! Simple, but profound. One course, one path, one goal, one action. However, we all do the opposite a lot during the course of a week.

How does that happen? It’s called the 3 Ds of killing Focus.

Life can be a distraction if you let it, with all that can demand your attention. But most of those demands are not dominant needs, they create…
chasing rabbits
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The important things you need to be doing become distorted in your mind as less important, and the thing you don’t need to do become distorted and bigger in your mind as a MUST do, and that leads to…
chasing rabbits
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Piece by piece, minute by minute, task by task you start doing your day’s result and power with a destructive NON-FOCUS, and before too long, a string of days put together with the 3 Ds, ends up as…

You are not creating the results in your life because you are letting OUTSIDE events control your SIDE empowerment… and you lose power by chasing the rabbit that will not only not be catch, but don’t to be.

Do one thing at a time…and nothing else until that one thing is ‘caught’…or done. The other stuff can wait, if it is distracting you from the main thing…SUCCESS!
The main thing…is to keep at the main thing, the MAIN THING!
FOCUS! And if you do, you will Find Ongoing Consistent Unlimited Success! (FOCUS)

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