5 Rules To Support Your Immunity

Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health found out what the protective forces of the body mainly depend on a number of factors.

By the end of winter, we all are weakened by the lack of sun, vitamins and colds. In addition, the immune system decreases with age - particularly noticeable it becomes after 50 - 55 years. Thanks to the recent researches, scientists found out 5 main rules that will help support the immunity.

1. Do not start the latent infections
Once a year, it is desirable to be tested for several viruses, which are mostly affecting our immunity in a negative way: cytomegalovirus, Epstein - Barr virus, as well as different types of herpes. Note: if you find an infection in an active form, you need to seek for medical attention for the purpose of antiviral treatment. If the virus is there, but it is not active, you should intensively take other measures to maintain the immune system. Such viruses can be quite dangerous, and even if they are found in not active form, they should not be neglected. The doctor will help you to choose the right medications or special treatment. 

2. Sugar - as a source of inflammation
In addition to colds, injuries and chronic diseases, inflammatory processes in the body are being caused by sweets, fried food, as well as by store-bought sausages. Note: you can make sure whether there is a latent inflammation or not, by means of special tests. The most sensitive indicator - Interleukin 6. (IL-6, Interleukin 6). Cheaper but less sensitive tests are: C-reactive protein (CRP, of CRP) and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate). 

3. Excess fat interferes with protecting cells
Important: excess fatty tissue, in the first place, emits large amounts of substances that cause inflammation. Second, obesity disrupts the thymus gland (thymus) functioning, which is responsible for the maturation and "training" of T cells - immune system defenders. 

4. Alcohol is a conductor for germs
It is believed that a healthy man can drink a glass of dry wine per day, while a woman is allowed to drink half a glass. At the same time, a person should abstain from drinking alcohol for 2 days a week. However, if the body is weakened by inflammation or a chronic disease, any amount of alcohol is harmful for the immunity. The fact that the consumption of alcohol allegedly "disinfects" the body is a myth, scientists consider. Alcohol increases the permeability of the intestinal mucosa and bacteria reach the bloodstream, which leads to new inflammation and immunity drains. 

5. Try to get enough sleep no matter what
During sleep, the body repairs the damage in different organs, actively fights the inflammation, restores red bone marrow, where immune cells are being produced. On average, an adult should have 7.5 - 8 hours of sleep. 

These rules should be followed, if you want to have strong immunity and forget about any kinds of diseases. It is also important to remember that our health depends on our behavior and attitude. Be attentive to your organism! 

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