Thinking outside the Box
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What do I really mean by thinking outside the box?

I believe we have all had dreams of the things or people that we have wished to become in life. The most proud dreamers are the academicians. You can also call them the elites if you wish. Since it all surrounds education. There is nothing that makes an academician more happy and excited like getting the career of study. Many Engineering students would wish to become professional engineers, law students would wish to become the greatest attorney someday. 

These dreams of becoming someone really start at such a tender age. When children are in lower grades of learning. To this fact if you went to an elementary student and asked what s/he would wish to be in life when grown, you will indeed get an answer.

The kind of hopes and the person of our dreams that we imagine while growing up is very important in our lives. And trust me it is always important to have a dream.

One philosopher said, “Any man without a dream is equivalent to a dead one.”

That saying sounds disturbing at some point but really if you take a keen look at it, you will realize it's relevance. The reason for its truth is that a person without a dream has gotten nothing to live for. He is never worried about the change of times. He is non contributing to society. And the list is endless about the no use of that kind of person in society.

One bad thing about life is that sometimes we are never able to realize that person we imagined all through our early age. This is very common and absolutely normal in this current generation.

We live in a different world. There are less jobs than there are graduates. Population is always increasing at the expense of limited resources. Inflation is on the rise yet wages are never catching up the pace. 

Normal is no longer the right way to approach the world. Job seeking is not the route to making a difference, copying what society has done for decades is not the solution to fitting in. Innovation, invention, and a redefinition of norms is what we currently need to be better, make a difference and achieve great things. 

Change  of perception is one way to address the challenge. You could have dreamed to, and have studied to become a lawyer but unfortunately things fail to work out as imagined. My take is that you think of something that you can do as you pursue that life dream. If you have failed to get that dream job in two, three or more so years after you have graduated from college, don’t you think it is likely to become even harder as the years go by? As you sit waiting and looking for that job, more graduates are joining you and looking for that same job you want, and curriculum is changing to fit the current trends. Will you be able to match all the generations as you look for that dream job?

Try to learn new skills. Often times life good things come in ways we never imagine. Things we value and tend to spend our entire lives achieving are never the way out, yet there are lots other skills that could be a way to make a difference. Hobbies like publishing, recording, and the like could be useful. Have you ever made fun of yourself with a microphone recorder? It could be worth the try.

The answer is hardly yes. True there are some people that have waited quite long enough and have achieved the dream. But is it the case for everyone? If it is so, do we really consider the useful time that is wasted during the process of looking and waiting for that moment of joy?

Why it is important to think outside the box?
This is something more like going an extra mile. A little diversion from your life dream to utilizing other talents for a living. It is so true that man is blessed with various abilities that only need to be utilized to create a difference. Many graduate lawyers are good motivational speakers, great teachers, many graduate engineers are talented farmers and writers. How often have you taken the time to think of something that you could do besides your profession? 

Those other talents are things that have created lots of successful lives the world over. The business world is a diverse community filled with physicists, mechanics, and other professionals. It has never required of anyone to have a PhD to prosper at business. What is it that you have that can be sold to the world? That the world can benefit from? Look around you, and there are billions of opportunities that can change your life beyond that office job you are waiting for.

This world will only become a better place if and only if people utilize their talents and creativity. It will never change because people are waiting to accomplish other people’s dreams and creativity.

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