How to Change your Character for the Better
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Many people believe that they have a bad character or not the one they wanted, and they want to know whether it is possible to change a person's character. Of course, in life you can achieve a lot, if to strongly believe and strive for it. 

Examine your character
Before thinking about whether we can change the character or not, the first thing we need is to understand what kind of character you have. Not knowing this, you will be doomed to failure. Study yourself for a week and write out your observations on paper. Do not try to hide something in the research process, be natural and write down everything that happened. 

People think that their character is the cause of their failures and mistakes in life, but it is not so, since the whole reason is in your complexes. Point out your complexes, write them down on a piece of paper and try to get rid of them. For example, if the problem is in the low height, read about the advantages of small stature, and you will understand that the complexes are not grounded. 

If you want to change the character, you need to have a certain discipline. If you can not control yourself and their emotions, then certainly you will not be able to change or modify your character. Keep to a daily regime, make a plan of your actions. Making and completing all tasks through the power for a while, you will get used to it, and it will become much easier to maintain this discipline. 

Appreciate the things you have
If a person does not appreciate all that he has, he can not change his nature. In order to change your character, you just need to start to appreciate and love the character you already have. Find all the possible benefits of your character, and then the character can be changed very easily and without straining. But you never change your character if you do not like it at all and do not respect yourself. 

Many people, who are trying to change the character are being blocked by their own wrong habits and attitudes to life. In most cases, exactly our bad habits are preventing us from changing. Identify and write down all your harmful and harmless habits on a piece of paper, and think about how they can prevent you from changing your character. And, of course, begin to act, and get rid of bad habits and wrong attitudes to life. Without this you will never be able to change. 

Begin to praise yourself and support 
Say compliments and kind words to yourself. Celebrate your successes and be tolerant to the temporary failure. Give yourself time, trust yourself and you will succeed. In order to change the character, the most important thing is your desire and action. You need to put into practice the recommendations mentioned above, and believe that you will definitely succeed. Be happy and healthy! 

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