Shifting Your Tummy Weight
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Accumulation of fats around the stomach area is a common among so many people. This may look as lack of exercise but surprisingly it can persist regardless of how often you exercise and eat the right diet. This is a common problem and you are most probably suffering from it too. It is because most people are genetically designed to store more fat cells around the abdomen.

What is the best way to get rid of these tummy fats then?
There are quick but expensive and potentially dangerous ways of doing it, and that is through methods like liposuction. However, it is strongly recommended that you simply stick to weight lose exercise regimen and clean diet instead. It will not only help you save money, but it also helps you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Firstly, a method which is great for reducing stomach fat is calorie cycling. This is the technique where you cycle being in a calorie deficit as well as a calorie surplus. Calorie deficit is the state where your body burns more calories through exercising than it takes in calories through the form of food.

Calorie surplus
This is the direct opposite of calorie deficit. The reason for cycling versus remaining in a permanent calorie deficit is to keep your body guessing. When your body is exposed to long periods of being in a calorie deficit, it will get accustomed to it, and it will lose fats at a much slower rate. Calorie cycling is to prevent this fat loss plateau from happening.

Next, you can make use of intermittent fasting to lose tummy fats to finally reveal your sexy set of toned abnormal muscles. Intermittent fasting is a weight loss technique where you only consume during a certain window of time during the day. To illustrate this, you will only be eating foods during an eight-hour period, and fasting for the rest of the day. Only water can be consumed outside of the eight hours. This is an effective method for people to drop body fat percentage quickly, by controlling the total amount of calories taken in daily.

Good food
Eat careful with the meals you eat. Avoid eating lots of food. To control this you might use proteins as they stay longer in your stomach and thus helping you to control your intake. Foods like eggs, liver, and chicken among others should be some of the items you have to consider. Prices are always a challenge so try to get a fair deal at sites like

Common beliefs
Lastly, you will also have to perform exercises to lose those tummy fats. Contrary to common belief, you do not need to perform stomach-specific exercises to lose tummy fats. Instead, you should perform body weight exercise circuits with short rest times between sets. On top of body weight exercises, you should ideally be performing interval cardio too! Interval cardio exercises are cardio exercises, which require you to sprint or swim quickly for a certain period of time, and then followed by a jog or leisure swim for twice that period of time. 

This cycle is then repeated for predetermined number of times. Body weight exercise circuits and interval cardio are awesome for shedding body fat percentage quickly, and helps to reveal your hard abs!

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