Routine Breaking Ideas To Get Out of Boredom!
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Before going in the details of routine breaking ideas I want you to know why breaking your routine is necessary? The answer is that it is a must thing for our physical and mental health. Studies have shown that working in same manners for so long will make your brain neurons inactive. 

The breaks in your daily work will generate positive energy inside you keeping you healthy and more productive. So do take breaks and do something out of your boring monotonous routine. Here i will tell you the secret of staying active with unique routine breaking ideas.

Stay alone for some time
We often forget who we are, why we are here. Give yourself some time to ponder on your own. You must be aware of the world “meditation”. Do meditation for some time sitting all alone at your favorite place. Close your eyes and don’t think of your office and daily chores. Ask yourself the questions like who I am? Why I am here and what I should do? Your silence will trigger your brain and you will get the answers.

Learn new things
Spend some time in learning the things that are totally out of your field. Learning is the process that never stops so keep on learning new things. It will improve the way you think and will keep you active. It is better to learn something that can make you happy, for example a music instrument, dancing among others. Though musical instruments are very expensive, you do not need to spend a fortune on items like top acoustic guitar brands. Look for a good deal

Travel to new places
Go to the place where you have never been before. Travelling will allow you to incorporate yourself in new cultures. It will be a real fun for you and you will also get something different to do as well.

Click at the odds
Even if you are not an expert photographer just take your camera and roam in your city. Click the people who appear odd to you. No rule is to be followed just keep on clicking. In the end you will get many funny images to make you laugh. You can put photos on canvas to save memories and to laugh again every time when you look at them. It is totally a new thing which will get you out of boredom.

Do the things in reverse order
Change your routine by doing the things in reverse order. See how it works to change your mood and increase your productivity.

Go natural
Take some time out and spend it in your garden. Observe the growth of your plants. Dig the soil o add more seeds. Smell the flowers of your garden. I bet you will feel like a paper so light and comfortable. The other way to get close to nature is to see the water fall. Go to some place where you can hear the noise of water. The noise of water will not be heavy on your ears in fact it will touch your heart. Doing this will make you feel that you are a simple human being not a technology robot.

Just laugh
Start laughing at the silly and not so silly things. Laugh as much as you can. Laugh at your heart out. 15 minutes laughing a week will boost your energy and you will feel good. It seems stupid but it really is the therapy to make you relax.

Do any of these practices and I hope you will be able to keep yourself happy and contended.

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AtiqUr Rehman is a professional independent information technology provider. He is also an avid writer and gives his expert opinion on home decor, travelling and photography.

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