Cherish Your Smile
One of the ways to connect with people in social, career, business and other life situations is through a genuine smile. It seems so simple yet many people don’t put their smile to use when they come in contact or interact with others. Some people are natural at smiling. They smile freely without creating or thinking about it. No matter the situation they could be faced with.

Is smile one of your gifts? Do you receive complements from friends and any strangers? Do they talk about the radiance you exude when you smile? Then you possess a priceless gift. 

Did you know that your smile is luck?
If you were born with this gift, then you should be grateful to God, and learn to use it and attract your fortune!

It is a law of attraction of its own. You know, it is said that you only attract what you have. So if you are fortunate enough to have a smile all over, the world shall also smile at you. 
Every man is gifted with happiness, so if you don’t have that natural smile, train yourself enough and look jolly to the world.

One great success tip that people hardly know is a smile. One successful entrepreneur said that even if you are broke to the extent of having less than a dollar, learn to hold a big smile and keep your head up. This is so, because no one wants to associate with depressed or troubled people. Learn to not express your problems beyond your house or bedroom. It is natural that we want to be surrounded by happy and around. 

Never advertise your problems to the world. The truth is that no one ever wants to know what you are going through. Put a jolly face whenever you are getting out of your house. Look happy and smile. This way, you will attract luck and so many people. 

Your appearance is the first impression by which people shall judge you. Depressed people are always associated with trouble and bad luck, well as jolly people are always believed to have luck and therefore every one wants to invite them into their lives.

On the other hand you might someone not naturally blessed with a smile. It's possible to transition and be a smiley, it's hard work but one that pays. The best tip to developing a smiling new you is to find peace within. Releasing that stress and being free from distractions. This can be achieved through a variety of activities like hanging out with the right people, listening to your favorite music, staying away from things that make you sad, and learning a new instrument. It's believed that people who play an instrument release more stress through the relaxation of the sweet sounds of the instruments they play. Look for great lr baggs deals to get cheaper instruments and start your journey to smiling

Know that your actions are more powerful than emotions. Learn to express your self in a happy mood regardless of of the experience

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