The Sensational Power of Music
It is beyond doubt that music is medication, therapy, and has a healing power like nothing other in the world. "Music is art; the art that incorporates auditory communication with vocal tones or instrumentals in a structured and continuous form." This is the interpretation according to the dictionary. It has power and that power is so awesome, from inspiring, loving, relaxing the spirit and so many other great things.

It is a great therapy that we engage ourselves in a musical activity, be it singing, playing an instrument or listening to the wonderful voices of genre that sparks happiness in our lives. Below is a brief explanation of the values of music;

A source of happiness
Do you ever feel sad? Play an instrument, sing a song or listen to music. You shall be filled with joy. Music has that magical emotion it brings which relieves sadness. The reason music helps you to getting happy is the actions involved with it, dancing which relaxes the muscles, when you dance your build circulation rate increases and thus helping you have a good felling. Some music is just hilarious that you can't but laugh and thus helping you wash off the stress. 

A great factor to Speech and Memory development
Music in all its forms is a collection of characters and sounds. Some songs are a story line that requires the artist to remember each and every word, and in their respective positions. Errors in music are no option; one chord error can affect the entire sound. In the same way, if a word or more are missed during a recite of the song, it affects the entire meaning and flow of the song. The same, if you do listen to music and recite it, it greatly builds your brain to memorize things. Remembering the flow of music and how the words and sounds are placed in particular sections, not only supports you to memorize the music, but will build your brain to memorize other things to. 

Helps improve our listening skills
Listening to music always sharpens your hearing senses, and if you happen to play an instrument, the improvement is far more than for a music lover who doesn't play one. Listening to tunes and sounds like a particular chord contributes a lot to a person's sense of differentiating sounds and thus playing a great role to their listening skills. It is important however to note that if you play instruments like I do, you use the best and modern instruments. Just like a new car model, new instruments have enormous advantages; and to that, consider focusrite scarlett 2i4 for your upgrades

The best way to share the fun
There is no better way you can feel entertained and have fun with your friends than listening to music. There is a musical tone that fits every occasion; the reason all parties, weddings and various occasions are always accompanied by music. FYI; If choosing music for an occasion, be careful, each occasions has its tunes. It is a bad idea to play hip-hop on a wedding. Perfect music for an occasion not only ignites fun, but adds meaning to the occasion.

It is a great service to the soul to listen, play an instrument, or sing the music. Its benefits go way beyond those mentioned above. The suggested values above are just a sneak pick of the thousands of how music in all its forms can be useful and can help you transforming to you. Its sensational power is so extreme beyond human imagination. Its existence through ages is proof, its evolution to suite every generation is perfect enough to explain its worth.

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