8 Foolproof First Date Hacks

Going on a first date is bound to be nerve‐wracking, particularly if you’re prone to dating disasters or are a newbie on the dating scene. If you’re readying yourself for a hotly‐anticipated first date, here are eight helpful hacks to make your first meeting a date to remember: 

1. Choose an activity you enjoy 
First dates can be daunting at the best of times, let alone if you end up doing an activity that leaves you feeling nauseated, panicked or intimidated! If you’re not an outdoorsy type or are terrified of heights, steer clear of adventurous dates, even if it’s what your potential partner is into. If you hate the idea of sitting in front of a play for a couple of hours, then a theater date is not for you. It sounds obvious, but sometimes we put our desire to impress our date over our own comfort and this doesn’t necessarily put us in good stead for a long‐lasting relationship. Many people choose a relaxed, neutral setting for a first date, opting for a fun activity to break the ice. Rather than a formal dinner, why not go for a couple of after‐work drinks or spend a day at the zoo? 

2. Dress for comfort 
We all want to impress on a first date, but it shows when you feel uncomfortable in your clothes and you’ll probably spend the whole date thinking about your outfit rather than getting to know your boo‐to‐be. Dress for the setting and choose something that makes you feel confident without cutting off your comfort levels. 

3. Relax! 
Getting to know someone on a date can be a bit scary, but try your best to relax and stay calm. Confidence is key, as is a positive attitude. If you decide the date is doomed before your potential sweetheart even walks through the door, you’ll always have that looming possibility hanging over your head. Optimism and open‐mindedness could lead to you meeting ‘the one’! 

4. Go easy on the alcohol 
Many of us are familiar with the fine (and sometimes blurry!) line between Dutch courage‐ fueled confidence and drunken embarrassment. If you’re meeting your date for drinks or sharing a bottle of wine over dinner, pace yourself and order water for the table to alternate between drinks to avoid waking up with the feeling that you’ve lost out on the man or woman of your dreams because you got too friendly with the vodka! 

5. Smile! 
Smiling is one of the best ice breakers and makes you come across as a warm, friendly and approachable human being before you’ve even said hello. Keep your pearly whites sparkling by booking a hygiene appointment or treating yourself to some professional whitening, available from registered dentists such as Sparkle Dental Boutique. Our smiles are one of our most important facial features, so relax and let your smile do the talking! 

6. Plan ahead 
If your biggest first date fear is the dreaded awkward silence, try to plan ahead; think of some questions you’d like to ask and come up with a few conversation starters or talking points. These can be put into action in the event that conversation runs a little dry. There’s no need to bombard your date with questions, but a few here and there will help the conversation flow more freely. 

7. Be honest 
Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to dating. If things aren’t going well and you really don’t want to see this person again, don’t smile and agree to another date if they think you’re into them. This scenario is bound to be awkward, but it’s better to be honest from the outset so everyone knows where they stand. If somebody starts to develop feelings for you and you don’t feel the same way, it’ll be a lot harder to cool things off further down the line. 

8. Be prepared for the bill 
It’s easy to feel awkward when it comes to the arrival of the bill after a meal, so always be prepared to stump up half. If you assume your date is paying and they suggest splitting it, it’s going to be an unpleasant surprise if you’ve turned up with no cash! It’s always best to be prepared to offer.

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