Amazing tips for a successful teenage modeling career

For most girls out there being a model is one of the professions they are striving to. And honestly, this really is a wonderful career for either a woman or a man of proper physique and a unique face. However, when it comes to modeling it’s not all about beauty. It often happens that absolutely gorgeous in person people make terrible models while plain Janes just take our breath away on film. 

On top of that, to succeed in modeling you need to have the total package in order to bloom in the modeling industry. You need to understand that modeling isn’t as easy as it seems to be. It takes a lot of hard work, auditions, dedication, persistence, ambition and above all patience. 

So, if you are looking to become a model and a successful one at that, here are the things you need to understand before you start fighting for your spot in the modeling sky. 

Agents look for a very specific set of physical criteria 

No matter how gorgeous you are on the inside, fashion industry is not about inner beauty. The first thing agents see is how you look. To be a model, you need to be slim and tall. And, by now, you already know that a model needs to be thinner than what’s considered “slim”. 

While extremely slim bodies are considered a conspiracy against average sized bodies, truth is that slimmer bodies photograph better. Given that photographs are two dimensional the body loses some of its angles in photographs which is why a slim figure in a model is a must. 

Models need to be tall because all clothes look better on tall women and men. Petite figure doesn’t have the graciousness needed for a particular design to be presented. 

In recent years, scouts are after either androgynous look or a face with a characteristic – a slightly bigger nose, thick eyebrows, crocked teeth, etc. This is not a must, though. 

To succeed, you need to mind your posture 

Posture is something agents pay very much attention to. Since 70% of a model’s career is runway modeling, good posture is an absolute must. Solid walk is also an essential modeling skill but even if you are not a “walker”, this is something that can be taught. 

Modeling isn’t a job without personality 

Even though you’ll hear malicious comments about models being “brainless” and “braindead” this, of course, has nothing to do with reality. Every designer wants to work with a model with a strong sense of self, a resilient psychological make up and well developed self esteem. Be careful, though. Don’t translate these features into “difficult”, “conceited”, and “contumacious”. Nobody wants someone who will disobey or constantly argue. 

Unfortunately, when you are a model, rarely anyone wants to hear your opinion. You are there to stand tall and gorgeous and wear the creation assigned to you the best way possible. 

If your personality is non‐confrontational, if you have no problem with authority, can take critique and are open‐spirited, you may be just the candidate for this job. 

Being a model has its risks 

Modeling is stressful work. Surrounded with so much glamour and constantly under pressure, models are exposed to all sorts of potentially self destructive influences and it’s not unusual for them to fall into traps of their hectic lives. 

Trappings of alcohol, drugs, glamour, late night partying and unhealthy dieting regimes are always around. When surrounded with so much temptation succumbing to them becomes so easy. This is why you need to understand that staying healthy, clean and focused will in time became one of the main daily struggles. 

However, if you know who you are, what you want and what your priorities in life are, you need not worry. It’s all about self‐control and willpower – why would you throw away something you’ve worked for your entire life for a few hits of anything, right? Right! 

Teenage modeling is the hardest industry to get into 

All the action you take should be measured by how much you are set on taking up modeling as the one and only career in life. If modeling is just one of the options, then it’s something you should pursue during spring breaks, summer holidays and your time off school. However, if modeling is THE thing you want to do in life, you better get your hands on it as quickly as possible. 

School should stay a priority or, if you’ve already got bookings, you can always opt for getting home schooled. 

Also, whenever you go to an audition just remember that rejection is a part of this job. You need to learn to walk with your head high, regardless of the audition outcome. In all of the modeling agencies in Melbourne competition is strong, so give it your all! 

Well, all of you future models, we wish you all the luck with the calling and we hope you won’t forget people who had been there for you before you became famous!
Amazing tips for a successful teenage modeling career

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