Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone With Fun
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You have a job, some hobbies, a partner, friends and comparatively stable way of life. Are you completely happy with it? Actually, not many people are happy about all spheres of their lives. However, they are not doing anything to change it. We often say “I don’t like this job much, but I need to earn my living”, or “I’d love to get fit, but I don’t have much time for exercising.”

If you are tired with your everyday routine and feel unhappy about it but still do anything to change it, the first thing you definitely need to do is to get out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is the way of life and doing things which doesn't make you to take any efforts. Also, it’s the people with whom you find it easy to get on with. Being in a comfort zone for a short time is OK, but if you stay in this zone for a long time, it means that you don’t develop and don’t grow. 

If you want to achieve some purposes in your life, it requires you to get off your comfort zone first. If the job you have now is not a dream job, why are you still there? If your partner doesn’t care of you much, why are you still in relationship? Even when we are dissatisfied with something in our life, our brain is set the way he will sabotage the changes you try to make. However, you can start small. When you do the small things which are unusual and uncomfortable for you, soon you’ll realize that you have strength for big ones. 

So, if you are ready to get out of your comfort zone and start doing something big, start with these small points;
  1. Start learning again. Nothing expands our mental horizons so well as the learning does. So, start learning something which is not typical for you. It can be Italian language or scrap-booking. The only requirement is that is should bring you pleasure!
  2. Start exercising or doing some kind of sports if you don’t do. If you’re too busy, make a rule to exercise 15 minutes in the morning. If no, start doing karate or cycling.
  3. For a week, completely change your daily routine. Drive to work by another road, shop in unknown stores and spend the day off in the places you've never been to. 
  4. Completely delete all music from your player and download the stuff you've never listened to. 
  5. Meet with people in a way which is unusual for you. If you’ve never had dates with people you’ve met online, why not to try it? Or, you can invite someone you see for the second time in your life for a cup of coffee. 
  6. Try an ethnic cuisine you’ve never tried before. Go to a local restaurant and order something you’ve never heard about. 
  7. Do some voluntary work. Choose the activity you feel most comfortable doing and participate.
  8. Learn to play a musical instrument.  Music is one part of life that moves with us whenever we go. we all love music and nothing makes great meaning meaning like learning how tho create it. Playing a musical instrument not only relaxes the mind, but creates an entire experience and therefore helps you expand your reach of fun and skills. Though these instruments are costly, there are centers ate which you can get them at affordable rates, gibson sg knobs is one among the many others
Try to make several steps out of your comfort zone and you’ll get the opportunity to make your life interesting and really exciting!

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