How to teach your kids to garden
Do you remember the time when you and your friends were running across the green grass, when boys played football and girls cheerfully picked up flowers and made garlands out of various colorful flowers? Later on, all of you would play hide and seek until dusk, when you could no longer stay outside because it was getting dark and your parents would tell you to come inside and reassure you the game would continue tomorrow. 

Like in the old times
Nothing was more fun than making food from mud, adding a little bit of grass to it so it would look like a salad ready to be eaten. Children were happiest when given freedom to wander around the garden exploring that magical world where each could find the favorite place for themself to just be there and enjoy the sight. With all the technology around us and exaggerated usage of internet and social media even among the youngest, examples like these are, unfortunately, less likely to be found. This is why it is very important that you, as a parent or a person of authority for the children, try and bring closer this area of life to them. Remember how your parents or grandparents and teachers were doing it similar for you and your friends, so now you can do exactly the same or try some other ways which might be even more interesting and fruitful. And speaking of fruits, start out with that. 

It’s never too early to start 
My motto would be to start educating them as early as possible. The next time you go out to the park or a garden, ask your child if they can recognize any fruit, ask them which one they like best and, maybe, plant it together. And while there, suggest planting some other plants which are easy to grow. If you have this option, make one corner of the garden just for your child so they can plant whatever they like. As we mentioned, start with the easy ones such as sunflowers, tomatoes, beans and similar plants. 

Show them how to do it 
Everybody’s familiar with the fact that children learn faster while they’re young, and they learn best when they have some sort of role model in front of them. So, your task in this stage would be to show them a simple example so they can continue to plant without your help. You can supervise them and jump in whenever necessary, but let them do the majority of work so they can feel as if they’re doing a very important job. This way they will respect the product more when they know it’s something they’ve helped grow and they will feel more self­satisfied. More importantly, they will be encouraged to continue doing something like this in the future. 

Equip them 
One of the ways to encourage your children to engage in gardening is by giving them the appropriate garden tools. Even if they are very young, it doesn’t mean that they cannot have the actual tool by which they can do the job appropriately. Many shops specialized in garden tools also have tools appropriate for children, for their age, and in various colors. The colors might not be the most important, but they sure can increase a chance of occupying a child’s attention. Don’t give them plastic gardening tools, because they can be easily broken and that can only result in frustrating your child, thus increasing the chance for them to quit and refuse any further progress in gardening. So give them the actual tool like a spade or a hoe, and help them master these tools. Don’t forget the working gloves and a watering can, and your child is ready to do some gardening. 

After usage, show them how to clean and store their tools carefully and in the right way, so it could be ready for the next time they go to the garden. 

Undoubtedly, gardening is more than just planting several seeds. It is really a way of living, because it teaches children about life around them. They will learn one of the very useful virtues, and that is patience. It also teaches them to respect the nature and their surroundings and by doing something on their own, they acquire the very necessary working habit which they will benefit from in the future.
How to teach your kids to garden

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