10 Fun Bridal Shower Ideas
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If you’re the maid of honor or bridesmaid, you most likely have the honor—and burden—of organising the most important pre-­wedding event for the bride: the shower. From a simple Victorian custom wherein the bride’s friends would put gifts in a parasol, the bridal shower has evolved into a full­blown party with guests sometimes numbering in the hundreds. 

Here are some easy­breezy themes and ideas to consider adopting for your shower. Many of these ideas don’t have to be extravagant and can be done on a limited budget. 

Tea party 
Nothing beats the tradition of rounding up the bridal entourage for a steaming cup of tea over scones, biscuits, and jelly. An even better idea? Make the affair look like the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland. It’s the perfect excuse to mismatch your dinnerware. And since tea parties are time­ honoured British functions, why not theme yours around Downton Abbey instead? Have the bridesmaids dress up as, well, maids in uniforms. Even better, set up a DIY tea station where guests can create their own brews for souvenirs. 

Musical shower 
If the bride is an audiophile, it makes sense to make the shower as musical as can be. Rather than wait until the wedding reception, get the wedding band to perform at the shower. Hiring a band would get the groom’s approval more easily than, say, enlisting male strippers. 

Geek­-out shower 
Everyone is a fangirl of someone, and the shower can be the pretext to indulge the bride on her favourite diversions. Is she a Harry Potter fan? A Fifty Shades of Grey devotee? A Trekkie? Once you’ve figured it out, let the shower revolve around her obsession. A passion for Twilight vampires, for instance, can easily be turned into a night of red, red wine. 

While we’re on the subject, if guests are of drinking age, consider hosting the shower at a winery, vineyard, or wine cellar. Or you can ask guests to bring their choice bottles for an at­home merriment over cheese and bread. As with all functions involving tippling, designate before you celebrate: Ensure that guests can ride safely home. 

Paint party 
Is the bride the artsy fartsy type? Then a painting party is the way to go come shower day. If you’re lucky, you can find companies that specialize in this type of party. Guests are provided with blank canvases for them to create their magnum opuses, which they can either give to the bride or take home. You don’t have to be a Picasso or Warhol to join in the fun. 

Beach/pool party
This makes sense if you’re blessed to live in a tropical clime or have a pool in the yard. You can take the pool shower a notch above the rest by going for a 1960s tiki theme. As for a beachfront shower, enliven it by using a blue­and­white motif and hanging buntings galore. 

Garden party 
Take the shower outside the stuffy confines of a restaurant or function hall; hold your shower in the backyard or garden. Just set up a table with white tablecloth and crystal accents, and put flower arrangements around the place. Alternatively, you can go for a hippie/flower child/bohemian theme: Strew pillows and clashing furniture around the lawn, play vintage folk music, and hand out floral crowns. Take photos against a worn, tattered sheet hung between branches. If you don’t have the biggest garden in town, don’t fret: You can always take the party to the forest, where you imagine yourselves as woodland sprites, dining around a table set with gilded eating implements. 

Spa day 
A bridal shower is supposed to be a day of relaxation and fun for the bride. With this in mind, relieve the future wife’s stress by taking her to the spa. Or you can arrange for a home service by professional masseurs, manicurists, and/or aromatherapists. You can keep the costs down by preparing DIY facial masks, or go all the way by setting up a perfume bar where guests can mix and match their favorite fragrances. 

It’s hard to top the chocolate­-fountain­s-willing, Gallic bridal shower in Bridesmaids, but you can certainly pull off something like it. Let guests nibble on French macaroons and other pastries amid bicycle baskets holding baguettes. Or you can organise a Chanel­themed, black­and­white party. 

Slumber party 
A bridal shower is a woman’s last chance to be a little girl. So give the bride’s single life a proper send­off; throw a slumber party. Decorate the venue with pics of the bride at various ages, alongside posters of her teenage idols. String the images on twine or stick them on glasses. Spin old­school songs while a nostalgic TV show or movie plays (on mute) in the background. Munch on rollups and other kiddie snacks. 

It’s not about the total cost of the party but the memories you take away from it. If you’re tasked with organising the shower, just focus on the food and company. Squeeze in some surprise elements, and you are guaranteed to have a happy, blushing bride in your midst. Don’t forget the toilet paper dressing game though.
10 Fun Bridal Shower Ideas
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