Moving into a New Home ‐ What to do first
Hardly any other thing can parry to the feeling of moving in into new house. New beginning, new setting, and overall sense of happiness are typical for this undergoing. Out of this happiness, people tend to forget important things. This article is there for people who are planning to move in the new house, and in order not to forget something, I recommend reading on, and memorize. Or write down, it’s up to you. 

Before doing anything, you should make a phone call, and to hire a vermin exterminator. These highly trained professionals can offer you help, in order to clean out the bugs and critters. They are somewhat hard to exterminate, so the people you hired need to do a thorough work. There are some pretty harmful chemicals in use, so you will want to stay away from house for some time. A few days is a usual period, but ask the exterminator when you can move in. 

Front doors 
First thing that you see when you approach to any house, are of course, the front doors, so this is your first stop. Check the door to see if there are any damages, such as cracks and clefts. See also if the paint or lacquer needs replacement, so if the answer is positive, proceed with tackling with this problem. Doors are fairly easy to remove, and you will need sandpaper, in order to remove traces of the old paint, as well as new one. The best advice is to strip all layers of paint, until you reach bare wood. Though this job can be a bit tiresome, if you are not keen on doing it by yourself, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. Also, while you are there, change the locks, for you never know who else has the key of your doors. This is but a small investment, which can save you a lot of trouble later. 

Our next stop should be the walls. No matter if the paint looks good and sufficient, it is wise to paint now, before your furniture is taken in, so you will avoid fuss later. See if repairs need to be done, so carry on with tackling with this problem. A lot of people are not experts on this subject, so yet again, I recommend hiring a professional. He can tell you if you have some other problems, such as burst pipe or drips and moist trouble. If by any chance you have plumbing situation, call up the plumber and ask him if he can recheck the installation within the walls as well those in the basement, such as boiler and other pipes. Sellers often don’t know what they are selling, so they might oversee such things. If the intervention from the plumber is required, ask the painter to work on other rooms, until the plumber is done with the intervention. This way, you save time, and overall waiting time will be significantly reduced. 

Many times, people forget to inspect electric panels and other facilities. Chandeliers, lampholders and switches tend to get worn off, so replacement must be done. Yet again, if you are trained professional in this field of work, you can make repairs on your own. But, if you have the slightest doubt in your skills, hire a pro. Electricity can jeopardize your life, and have possible fatal outcome. 

Once everything is done, there will be quite large pile of trash on your front yard. You cannot possibly stuff everything in a trash can, so professional help is again your best friend here. Quite often agencies which attend to this, will offer you to clean up the entire house, so you could go with this as well. From floor to ceiling, and from basement to the attic, your house will be neat and clean, and all you need to do is to take the furniture and things in. The number of these companies constantly grows, so today you can hire rubbish removal in Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, wherever you are. 

So, I hope that this list was helpful, and that your house is now set in the way you like it. Remember, you can always check in this article, in order to see if you have forgotten anything. Bookmarking is quite useful also.
Moving into a New Home ‐ What to do first

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