How to prepare for Relocation to Foreign Country in 2015

Moving abroad is an attractive proposition for all. However, before you even start, there are some things that one needs to set straight and finances is certainly one of those. Here are some tips that will prove critical for managing good finances and the overall success of your stay abroad.
With the world economy moving towards a better shape it has become a bit easier to find new jobs on foreign shores. This means that more and more people can avail the benefit of a job in countries other than their native one. However, while the temptation of exploring a different land is a reason good enough to be excited about such an opportunity, there are some other hard facts that one has to contend with while relocating. Culture shock is one, and the other most important is financial challenges. You might be taken for a surprise due to the immense percentage of efforts that would be required to manage your finances in a foreign land. You have to be very careful while dealing with a different currency, taxation laws and other rules and regulations related to income and its sources. Here is an action plan that will help you effectively negate this challenge:

First thing first
If it’s your company which requires you to move to a different country, then ideally, it would offer you no less than a notice of at least three months to give you time of organizing carefully. Use this time to settle your old time debts, if any which will make your financial life much less complicated and also overcome any risk arising out of currency fluctuations, which might increase the cost of these debts. 

However, if you are dealing with mortgage of your home then you have little options but to keep paying your monthly installments at time.  Keep your credit cards debts and personal loans as minimum as possible and keep the current account running. Also, let your bank know that you are moving abroad. 

Prepare professionally 
Once you are well prepared financially, it is time to get yourself prepared professionally. If you are going to a foreign land with intent of finding a new job then the best advice that one can heed to is to create an updated and well-formatted resume. By proper format it is being referred to here that the CV should cater to the prevailing standards of that particular country. 

For instance, if you apply to a job in Britain then your CV should have British English as its language. In addition, it should have a good summary, instead of an objective and a section for professional achievements. Once resume has been taken care of, you can move on to making a few contacts that are already working in the industry and country of your choice. These professional contacts will help you get a foot inside the door, and hence are totally worth the extra efforts. 

Prepare for a culture-shock
There are surely going to be a number of gaping differences between the social and societal fabric of your native place and the foreign land. First timers often get overwhelmed and many even return back midway through their job. However, with a little preparation, patience and presence of mind, you will find it much easier to keep yourself from going back. Instead of getting overwhelmed and resisting to the changes, accept them, embrace them and become a part of that country like you belonged there.  

Having said that, one must note that there is no need to give up on your own beliefs and preferences completely. Yet, you must be ready to widen your horizon and be flexible about certain things so as to make a smooth transition. Learn their language, be a part of their social gatherings and make friends with them. Soon, you will find culture-shock changing into a new culture-love. 

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This article speaks about the various preparation tips that one must heed to while applying to jobs in other countries. The author(Saurabh Tyagi) currently works for, a leading job site of India which offers job vacancies for millions of job seekers

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