Video: An Effective Tool To Market Your Business Online
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People today have very short attention spans and busy lives. Everybody is trying to fit as much as they can in their limited time schedules. Add to this the highly competitive world that we live in now, and you will realize why most businesses struggle to be noticed. Here are a few tips on how and why video is an effective tool to market your business online.
  1. Video marketing helps build trusting relationships with potential buyers: Consider the psyche of the buyer. He or she wants to buy products that will work efficiently, last long, and on the whole, provide excellent value for money. Thus, he or she will go to a trusted seller. The same situation applies for video marketing. When you appear in your own video, exhorting the benefits of your products or services, or when you post a video showing your product in action, viewers are able to relate to you because they can see your facial expressions, your quirks, and your body language. Smart buyers know when you are faking it. Also, when buyers observe your product in action, they gain faith. Research has shown that people are less likely to return a product after watching a video of it in action than people who have not watched it.
  2. Video marketing helps increase the number of purchases made: According to research conducted by Forbes Insight, 59% executives prefer watching a video to reading text. Also, it was found that 65% people who watch a video are likely to look at the vendor’s website; 50% people tend to search for more information, and 45% people get in touch with the vendor after watching the video. Approximately 50% people who watch an online video marketing advertisement go ahead and buy the product or the service.
  3. Video marketing helps your website rank higher on search engines: Two websites that are equal in all  respects except that one website features videos about their offerings, whereas the other does not will not rank equally on search engine results. The website with videos will be seen higher on the list. The reason is that search engines prefer videos because people like to watch videos rather than just read an accumulation of text. It has been observed that over 800 million people visit YouTube every month.
So, how can you create your online marketing video?
Firstly, you will need to practice watching yourself on video. You will not find it amusing in the beginning, as nobody likes to see themselves on video. Practice looking into the camera, seeing yourself on video, and get comfortable with the results. 
Next, you should get the right equipment and software.
  • Webcam: If you are the owner of a Mac, then you have all the equipment you need to start making your own video. Macs have an inbuilt webcam and a video editing software called iMovie. 
  • Camera: However, if you want to create the video out-of-doors, you will need to equip yourself with a camera. When buying a camera, there are two things that you need to consider;- 
  • Audio quality – The clarity of your speech is more important than how you look in the video. People should not complain that they cannot understand what you’re saying, or the whole point of the video is lost. It is recommended that you get an external microphone. Some examples are the Kodak Zi8, which allows you to connect to an external microphone
  • Video quality – You should be able to film high quality video such as HD and upload them onto your computer via USB. You could choose between the Flip UltraHD or the Kodak Zi8. People tend to give up on editing videos if they find that it is too difficult to copy it onto their systems.
  • Screen capture: Again, if you own a Mac, you should use Screenflow for your screen capture software. But if you have a PC, then try Camtasia or Jing. Screenflow helps you record your voice while you are clicking through a PowerPoint presentation. So, while you’re speaking, people can look at something visually appealing and understand the information.
  • Animoto: If you have not made videos previously, you should start with a software called Animoto. It takes relatively less time, and the finished videos look slick and stylish. Animoto is good for introductory videos, sales videos, or feel-good videos.
Where should you upload your online marketing video?
It is recommended that you upload your video to YouTube before any other website. YouTube is ranked the second-most popular social media website after Facebook. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to reach out to he huge user base there. Ensure that you have included relevant keywords, a thorough description, and a targeted keyword in the title of the video. This will ensure that Google or YouTube lists your video higher on its search results.

How do you build videos into your marketing plan consistently?
You can put aside some time every month or every quarter to record new videos. Or, you can log in to Animoto. Embedding your YouTube videos to your blog posts will help most of us consistently use videos in our marketing plan. If you find contests or forums which you feel are relevant to your business, you can post your videos there.

How can your marketing videos be noticed?
  1. Perform some keyword research on your topic and choose the most relevant keywords for the title of your video, the description, and the tags. This will increase the search engine optimization of your videos.
  2. When making a video, during the first few seconds, introduce yourself and the purpose of the video. This will help people decide whether they want to see the rest of the video.
  3. In the description of your video, include a link to your website. People who watch the video may want to learn more about you and get in touch with you.
  4. At the end of each video, invite people to view your website and your blog, where they can learn more about you.
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