stress eating and yoga
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Weight loss is not an easy task for most of us. And, when you are stressed, losing weight becomes more challenging. Stress eating is very common and it may affect your health plan and weight loss.

Stress eating leads to stomach fat. Stress eating makes you munch on crisps, finishing off dinner leftovers or looking for an ice-cream at the end of the day. Stress eating can be linked to absent-minded eating.

Many people look for their comfort foods when they are stressed. And, instead of healthy foods we often love to consume foods that are rich in sugar or fat. This is due to cortisol, a hormone which is linked to our stress levels.

Cortisol is known as a stress hormone. It is released by our body in response to stress to reduce stress levels, but if you are constantly stressed, cortisol will be released again and again. Increased level of cortisol can cause weight gain, fat around the stomach and cravings for junk food.

The main issue with an increased cortisol level is that it can affect the area of fat deposition and can direct the fat to your abdomen and this in turn results in a potbelly or a tire around tummy.

The best thing is, the cortisol build-up can be controlled by reducing the stress levels. This will also ensure that you are more inclined to healthy food, food that will assist in weight loss and overall health.

To reduce the stress levels, you can practice deep breathing exercises or meditation. It will make you less stressed, helps you to be calmer and less anxious in stressful moments. For good, authentic meditation programs, look up

Meditation has worked for people throughout the world as a great stress-buster. On combining the meditation with yoga asanas, you will find yourself in a world of peace, calmness and relaxation.

Meditation in yoga is a science of the body and the mind. To learn it as it should be, you can travel to a yoga retreat to experience the real essence of it. For yoga retreats, you can visit and find the best holistic retreats and yoga retreats in the yoga retreats section.

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