Should Homework be Online?
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Internet is full of pedagogical tools and research oriented softwares and resources. Conventionally, students have been doing their homework on pen and paper since long ago. Many of the scholars of past days can recount tales of spending countless hours in various libraries over the city in search for perfect books, scholar articles, journals and other stationary. 

However, with the age of information technology, everything is now available at the click of a button. Today most students just Google various concepts and find answers within some 0.01 second or even less. While it is not my opinion that children should rely on search engines for all the answers, it is definitely the need of hour to teach our school kids how to harness the scholar potential of internet. Internet is a wonder tool available for education help of not only school and college students but for graduates, doctorates, scholars, teachers and various professionals as well.

Conventional homework may look boring in face of the new age jazzy, creative homework that can be done on a computer, laptop or notebook. Students should be taught to use a variety of softwares which can help them in creative visualization of their assignments and home tasks. Various online softwares are available for quick analysis and beautiful representation of data, analysis, thoughts and opinions.

Online homework are also very easy for teachers to grade and correct. There are reliable softwares available for detection of plagiarism that can aid a tutor to identify honest efforts of students. Various grammar and spelling check tools also simplify the correction procedure. On top of that tutors can provide their feedback in a neat, proper and legible handwriting alongside the work and the progress report can be simultaneously sent over to the child as well as his parents.

Doing homework online can also teach students the essence of punctuality and completing work in a restrictive, time bound manner. While the submission gateways close at the exact time set by the teacher, students have a greater incentive to finish and submit their homework on time, failing which they would be liable to a grade cut. This would get rid of any delay excuses that a student might otherwise make. A proper regulatory system on the online learning platform can therefore ensure punctuality, fairness, transparency, and discipline along with learning.

While most academicians, educationists and professional teachers consider online homework submission to be a viable option, they also complain about the lack of suitable infrastructure for the same. There is a great potential in this domain for education service providers. Big, experienced, information technology companies can aid various schools, colleges and institutions in putting the necessary online platform into place. Various online homework help companies have been pioneers in this field. They have online softwares, audio visual aids, multimedia and graphic tools and platforms to take the entire experience of school and college education online. With the help of these software, students can now receive all their homework tasks, assignment tasks, project work and necessary study material online. Teachers can also upload video lectures and explanations of concepts and tasks online on the same platform and can share it at once with all the students. Any doubts and clarifications can also be posted by students on the forum and other students and concerned teachers can reply to them. This can initiate active discussion outside the classrooms as well which in particular might benefit a lot of students who are otherwise shy of participating in class. They might be more comfortable in expressing their knowledge, thinking and opinions on the online discussion platforms.

Many online education providing companies also provide their own online assignment help and homework help experts which are available for helping students with their course work, online tutoring, homework help, and assignment help, tips and techniques and participate in forum discussions to clear doubts of students as well. This can aid the classroom teacher with a reliable assistant and provide real time convenience to students also.

Some students and teachers believe that such a system might oust the traditional school education and students might just come to rely on non trustworthy search engines and source-less discussions on the internet. Also there is a chance that students might log on to internet and wander off on to gaming sites or social platforms or other entertainment options and end up wasting time. While it is an appropriate concern, the solution is not to shut down the technology and keep students off its benefits. Proper regulatory systems can be put into place to monitor the activity of children online. There are tools available for checking the real time activities of students on online learning platforms and homework submission gateways. Teachers will have to actively participate in this process and teach students the correct manner and resources to retrieve reliable information on the internet. Students will have to be trained in the use of softwares and other pedagogical and research tools appropriately to harness the full potential of this system. Online homework submission would also be environment-friendly as a lot of paper and thus trees can be saved.

Thus, there is a great potential for homework submission and the entire system of education to go online. This will instill basic technology friendly skills into all the students from an early age. Also it will help to improve the grades and overall academic performance of all the students. Students will start finding their homework interesting and develop creative ideas and techniques to employ resources available on the internet to complete their home tasks.

However, all this should be done through a viable, regulated and secure platform which can ensure maximum efficiency and utilization of time and knowledge for students. It is important for teachers to employ professional help from various IT companies and educational service providers who have pre-existing frameworks designed for this task. These systems are designed through leading education professionals, tutors, academicians, educationists and guidance counselors who have developed a well rounded system to enhance the academic, creative and research potential of various students with various regulatory checkpoints to allow full utilization of time.

Schools and educational institutions will also need to recruit various IT professionals to train their teachers as well as students in this new domain. Not only will this make the kids faster, smarter and more interested in homework but will also prove to be environment friendly.

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