THE MAGICAL WORLD OF NUMBERS: September...tying up loose ends
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As we write, say, even think the Number of a particular month its influence of energy returns to us from the Universe. Perhaps not in a blatant way but be on alert for the subtle influence of each month’s themes.
As we move into the energy of September, our ninth calendar month of the year, even Mother Earth knows it is a time to let go of aspects of Nature. The Number Nine is a Number of completions. This energy sounds a bugle call that it is “all over but the shouting”!

The energy of September is about letting things go, finishing projects, getting ready for the energy of new starts in October. Interestingly, folks can become “housecleaning fools” under the Nine energy letting go of people and places as well as objects found throughout the house. September can bring a huge influx of merchandise to the doors of thrift shops and Goodwill stores.

The energy of the Number Nine is about humanitarianism, service, teaching, wisdom and going within to find one’s answers in life. This Number may be called the “Mother Theresa Number” as it is about caring and selfless service without any prejudice. This Number Nine influence brings forth all the energies of compassion, philanthropy and tolerance. Don’t’ be surprised if you find yourself focusing on some humanitarian venture in the month of September.

Very domestic feelings may pop up in your psyche creating a desire to entertain all your friends, cook and/or bake yummy foods to share, redecorate parts of your home and just plain getting ready to hibernate for another few months.

Let us focus on the personality and experiences connected with the Number Nine influence. Since Number Nine is the culmination of all the previous eight Number issues and their lessons to learn, is it any wonder that one word connected to Number Nine is “drama”!

This vibration ties up in a neat bundle, wisdom that now will be used to serve humanity. Souls influenced by this energy, either as a Birthday Number, Life Path Number or Maturity Number which is calculated from Numerological formulas, all Number Nines are here to be of service in some capacity.

Letters in a birth name of “I” and “R”, especially “ R” bring endings, drama and high emotions to a lifetime. The letter “ R” equates to the Moon Card in Tarot which says “caution and watch your back, aware of relationships where envy and jealousy may cause problems”. The letter “I” is not so intense.

As a birthday Number of Nine, Eighteen or Twenty-Seven, reactions that are hasty in temper, impulsive and very independent bring a desire to be one’s own master. Number Nine temperament likes to be looked up to and recognized as the “head of the household”. Although resourceful and excellent in organization, they must feel as though they have the fullest control or they loose heart and stand aside lettings thing just go to pieces. The challenge is to find a place for oneself that has some direct benefit to others. There is also, an element of sacrifice that demands one to learn forgiveness, unconditional love and humility.

Having said all of this, the Number Nine is considered a fortunate Number to be born under provided the person does not ask for a peaceful or monotonous life. There are great periods of uncertainty in one’s life along with ultimately fulfilling experiences. Peculiarly, Number Nine energy must often wait alertly and eagerly for doors to open in ways that are basically beyond one’s personal effort and control.

During the middle thirty years of life for the Number Nine, there is a continuous shedding of the old, dry metaphorical skins of the past. A balancing of old accounts and the process of tying up loose ends dealing with Karmic holdovers from other lifetimes and places is constantly occurring. Astrologically, the Sun in the twelfth house of Karma is common in the Number Nine’s charts.

With this personality one can lean towards a desire for a mate who likewise is of the active and somewhat aggressive type. In this relationship, control of each other can develop into real frictions!

However, many Number Nine’s have had their hearts broken as their compassionate natures allow them to be emotionally manipulated.

In addition, issues of abuse, physical, emotional or psychological must be guarded against. Mars, astrologically the corresponding planet for Number Nine, is the god of war and Number Nine temperaments can fall right into its traps. To learn to be involved while remaining emotionally neutral and detached is a major feat for Number Nines to accomplish.

In Western Numerology, humans move through nine year cycles of patterns, issues and trends. This formula is called one’s Personal Year vibration. Any project started under a Nine Personal Year, either business or personal, will most likely be “re-booted” anew as the Personal Year One of the next cycle begins to arrive. Many opportunities and ideas can be worked on in a Nine year but know, action will really move forward in the next cycle. Included in this fact are marriage ceremonies which should also be avoided under a Nine Year.

Since we humans as well as Mother Nature move in patterns, it is important to know that the Number Nine is not an energy of permanence. When our personal pattern in a Nine year arrives, people have a tendency to pass through our lives. If a person is in a personal Nine influence according to a Personal year formula, endings will occur, old loves can reenter for a “final fling” and loved ones as well as animals may leave. Keep in mind, this is an “ending” vibration. Anything “started” under a Nine influence does not last or needs to be “redone” when year Number One rolls around. Having said that, the adage “God closes a door but opens a window” is most appropriate.

Do watch your health in September. It is not uncommon for unusual aches and pains to arrive drawing one’s attention to parts of the body where “stuck” emotional past life trauma memories are being stored and need to be addressed. Energy and body workers are the best bet to set these issues free from one’s physical and etheric body.

Through all the twists and turns that September might bring into your life, just know that all is Divine and let’er rip! As Les Brown, the band leader of ole once said “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars”.

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