Forming a Family Emergency Plan
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Disasters and emergencies can be devastating events. Many people have no idea what to do when a disaster strikes, and this can lead to loss of property and life that could have been prevented. Disasters can strike anywhere at any time, so do not let this happen to you. Sit down with your family today and set up a family emergency plan to make sure everyone is save in the event of an emergency. 

The first thing to do when preparing for an emergency is make sure everyone can be contacted. It can be very helpful to have a friend or family member out of town to coordinate your communications in the event of an emergency. Let your contact know that you have chosen them, and ensure that every member of your family memorizes their phone number and email address, as well as each other's. This way, if direct communication is impossible in the area because of a disaster, your family will still have a point of contact. 

You should also ensure that each family member's work and school knows these numbers. In the event of an emergency out of the home, it should be easy for people nearby to know whom to contact. Fill out school emergency cards with contact information for every family member as well as your long distance emergency contact, and have information on file in workplaces as well. 

Keep in mind that during large scale emergencies, the telephone lines often become overwhelmed in an area. If a call doesn't work, family members should know to try again later, or try email if possible. Basic internet services often go through well enough to send email even when telephone systems go down. Your family should also have a two separate meeting places in the event of an emergency. For localized emergencies such as a house fire, there should be a meeting place very near the home that is not close enough to be dangerous. This gives your family a way to quickly group up in the event of a home emergency. 

The other meeting place should be outside of your neighborhood, far enough away that it should be unaffected by larger scale emergencies that may make your neighborhood inaccessible. It is best for this to be at the home of a family member or friend, but a shopping center or other landmark is fine as well. This is important to avoid confusion and quickly get your family together in the event of a disaster. 

The most important thing is to make sure that every member of your family knows your emergency plans. Do not avoid scaring children by telling them; it is very important that they understand what to do in an emergency. Children that are unprepared in an emergency may panic and act irrationally. 

Disasters can be devastating, but by following these tips, you can help prevent the worst from happening. Think about disaster prevention as soon as possible, and create a family emergency plan.   

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