7 Tips to Help You Look Great in Business Meetings
First impressions are everything when it comes to business meetings so it’s really important to look good. It can be difficult trying to plan outfits for meetings and appointments, but it’s worth making time to prepare to make sure you set things off on the right foot. Here are 7 tips to help you look great in business meetings:

Give yourself time to get ready 
There’s nothing worse than rushing around, worrying that you don’t have enough time and stressing yourself out, especially when you’ve got an important meeting on the horizon, so make sure you get up earlier, set out your clothes the night before and get yourself ready with plenty of time to spare. Have a think about what you’re going to wear in the days leading up to the meeting and do any washing or ironing in advance to save you time on the day. 

Look smart 
At any professional, formal meeting or interview, it’s really important to create a positive first impression and your outfit and the way you present yourself will be among the first things the people you are meeting with notice about you. Dress suitably and accordingly based on the people you are meeting and the kind of scenario you are entering. Generally speaking, the dress code for business meetings is smart, so men should wear a suit and women should wear a trouser or skirt suit or something similar. You don’t have to look boring or go over the top and wear something more suited to a black tie event, but you should look professional and like you mean business. Focus on the details, such as polishing your shoes, as these can make the difference and they show you care about your appearance. 

Make sure you feel comfortable
If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, this is likely to show. Don’t try and squeeze yourself into something that it too small or totter around on enormous heels. Make sure you can walk, talk and interact with ease.

Do your hair 
It’s important that your hair looks neat when you have a business meeting, so avoid the bed head look and take time to wash and style it before you leave. If there’s a risk of rain or you’re likely to get caught in windy gusts, take a brolly and a brush with you and give yourself 5 minutes to check your appearance in a mirror before your meeting. Avoid garish hair styles and colours if you have a meeting planned.

Smiling is one of the bet ways to get your personality across and research shows that employers often notice a candidate’s smile before anything else. Studies also show that people who have an attractive, healthy looking smile are more likely to be successful than those who have unsightly teeth. If you do have a problem with your teeth and you tend to dislike smiling in public as a result, it may be worth having a think about undergoing dental treatment such as six month smiles. Smiling makes you look and feel confident and this can make the world of difference in business.

When you arrive at a business meeting you want to look and feel fresh, so make sure you shower before your meeting. There’s nothing more off-putting that somebody arriving at a meeting drenched in sweat and smelling. If you’ve got a long journey ahead of you are your meeting is later in the day, take deodorant and after shave or perfume with you and have a little spritz before you go in.

Don’t go overboard with make-up 
Many women wear make-up but in a business meeting, it’s not appropriate to wear a lot of make-up. It’s advisable to go for a natural look and to avoid bright colours on the lips and eyes; don’t go crazy with blusher or bronzer and stick to subtle foundation with a flick of mascara. Wearing a lot of make-up can be off-putting for employers and business partners and it can also mask who you are. 

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