Successful Outdoor Parenting
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It’s that time of year again when the kids leave school for the last time; the start of the summer break is here and with it comes the same hassle of having to think of something do everyday before they start to get bored and complain about it. Being a parent with weeks of spare time to entertain the kids is pretty difficult if you’re not able to escape to work for a few days; and even if you are a working parent then there are still the weekends to contend with. 

But fear not because a summer break doesn't have to be jam-packed with expensive activities everyday, you can enjoy outdoor activities without having to spend a great deal at all; all you need is a few bits of kit and you’re sorted for the summer.

Get out and explore
You don’t have to have the worlds most beautiful scenery right on your doorstep to enjoy it, just a drive or a short trip away from home gives you and the kids something different to look at so head to your nearest nature reserve, national park or woodland and see what you can find on your travels. If walking isn't going to cut it all day long then setting tasks to find hidden treasures is a great way to put a bit of fun back into the day. Before you set off though, always ensure that you have the right footwear; a great day can quickly turn sour once foot pain kicks in and blisters start to show. Most people underestimate the effects that bad fitting or unsuitable footwear can have on their feet when worn for an extended period so be sure to kit your kids out with a good and sturdy pair of shoes or boots before trekking so that all they come home with are good memories and the desire to do it again.

Enjoy being active
Get on your bike, your scooter, your skates; anything with wheels and enjoy it for the day. You don’t need to be riding by Olympic standards nor do you need to have a long and difficult route planned out – you could even bike out of your front door, ride out for a bite to eat and then go back home and still enjoy the fresh air and a bit of scenery outside of the same four walls. Its always worth bearing in mind that little legs might not be able to pedal too far so putting the bikes on the back of the car and driving out to somewhere a bit more scenic is a great idea and it gets the kids out of the house for that bit longer. If you’re lucky too, they’ll fall asleep on the way home.

Try something extreme
There aren't many kids that don’t enjoy trying something a bit different, so why not get your hands on a skateboard or a scooter and see what kind of tricks your little people can master. It takes time and a bit of dedication but with a whole summer to spare, there’s plenty of time to help them on their way. Don’t forget that safety should always be a priority and it’s always wise to protect your kids from any accidents while they’re on anything with wheels so invest in a helmet and protection set and avoid any bumps, scrapes and grazes. Thankfully, helmets are not just boring lids these days and kids can enjoy something a bit more vibrant and exciting; funk patterns, bright colors and even fake hairstyles adorn many of those available now.Summer break can be boring if you've not got trips out planned or a giant pot of money to spend on your kids everyday, but investing in a few bits of kit that will provide hours of fun is a great way to help pass the time and enjoy some quality time together as a family.

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Successful Outdoor Parenting
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