Making the Daily Switch from Work to Home
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A lot of people say that the work from home is the future of many companies. It saves a lot of money and it is definitely the future of freelancing. You can even start your own company from home. It is often that people imagine the work from home as something quite easy and they picture you wandering your home in your pajamas glancing at the computer screen now and then. However, there are some big issues that this type of work involves. 

The point is, your work from home frequently interferes with your most important work in your life – being a parent. These two needs to be reconciled somehow as working from home can make things difficult for raising your kid, although, at the first glance, it seems like it gives you more time to be with your kid. However, here are some bumps on the road you need to look out for when you work from home.

Quality vs. Quantity in Terms of Your Time Together
When you are home all the time, you will have the illusion that you are spending just enough time with your kid, when the situation just might be the opposite. Because you are just a couple of feet away from each other, you might think that you are being together with your kid. However, the point is that your time together needs to be ‘quality time’. This means that you are offering your undivided attention, that your actions are directed toward your child and that you have together activities. Also, this includes the exchange of emotion and thoughts and that is really hard to do when you are focused on your work. Therefore, don’t let the quality of your time together suffer, because you are under the impression that you are spending the entire days with your kid. Separate those two and get it right.

Kid’s Learning to Be Independent
It is only a normal reaction when your kid wants or needs something, for you to get it for them if you are near. However, when you are at home this means that you are always there and that you will automatically and without much thinking, do anything for them. However, if you aren't careful, this may just as well backfire on you. Your kid and you might accidentally develop a relationship in which they don’t do anything for themselves, expecting you do to it since you are there all the time. You need to be very careful about it and you can set up a chart with chores and things your kid needs to do on their own. In that way, you will be sure that your kid is learning to do stuff on their own and that they are growing up learning to be independent.

Enjoying the Benefits
However, there are many benefits to this as well. All that time with your kid, developing a strong relationship with them, exploring their daily routine and watching them grow from day to day are just some of them. It is great to be around your kid and get some work done at the same time, and it should be enjoyed as much as possible.

Avoiding the Set Image of Perfect Parent
Books, movies, magazines and even people themselves are full of stories about how a perfect parent should conduct themselves and what exactly they should do to be the poster parent with the poster child. However, just like all the standardized images and roles, with ‘one size fits all’ ideology, it is quite clear that this ‘size’ doesn't really fit anybody. 

Therefore, accept the fact that you won’t be doing everything perfectly and that there are bound to be some misses and mistakes. A very important thing for you to do about your parenthood is to enjoy it. Your home based business gives you tons of time to be with the kid, so don’t let them feel you are not loving every minute of your time together.Just like any other parenting situation, there are the ups and the downs, the good sides and the bad sides. All you can do is try to do your best and enjoy this brief moment while your kid is young.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a business coach interested in topics related to business productivity and marketing. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by Rugmaster.

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