Innovative Uses of Shipping Containers
Photo Credit: Arquimomentos
Shipping containers are such an amazing and functional piece of equipment. Multi-functional and pretty easy to adapt to the environment they are placed in, they have now acquired a new purpose – multi-functionality! Yes, I know it sounds vague but just you wait.
Here are some of the uses of shipping containers:

Urban take, rural custom
We are used to having containers being used in rural properties as storage, temporary emergency housing (due to storms and other natural catastrophes), semi-barns. Still, they've recently gotten an urban spin and are now used as mobile offices on construction sites, garages, even as added parts of houses. Seems like shipping containers have become a part of architectural designing that’s here to stay and we love it!

Even though it sounds hard to believe but shipping containers are used as homes, too! Unlike homes built from scratch, opting for a container releases you of months of paperwork and different approvals from various councils. 

An average shipping container costs about $30,000 and since it’s built to be airtight you’ll be having no additional costs or expenses on insulation. It sounds silly, but entire complexes can be created from multiple, stacked shipping containers.

If you are an Eco-friendly person, you’ll be happy to hear that environmentalists worldwide are warm to the idea of reused shipping containers! Some touch-ups like sliding glass doors, windows and other similar features will not only make your new home functional but wonderful looking, too!

In case you are not one to go full-on with shipping containers you can always embrace the mix and match situation, like many have. You can expand the size of your home by simply adding shipping containers as an extension that can serve as a home office, a studio, a bedroom, a storage unit, a garage... practically anything!

Easy come, easy stay
Shipping containers are known for the speed of assembly, low costs and adaptable design. All the money you’d spend on concrete, wood, bricks, rebar and other building materials you can use for decorating your new container home. 

Believe it or not mini-malls, stores, summer house builders worldwide got pretty warm to the idea of shipping containers as structures over conventional buildings, and so did hotels! 

Containers are an increasingly popular alternative for student residences, too. They are highly functional, bright and pleasant stay at. 

Great thing about the increasing popularity of shipping containers is that most contractors offer services such as transforming containers with the addition of interior walls, doors, windows, electricity and water supplies. This way, your container can have variety of purposes, including temporary accommodation units, mine or construction site offices, home offices, first aid rooms, change rooms, ablution blocks, and much more.

Is this the future?
You can’t really say you’re surprised with the changes happening around us. All that we witness now was bound to happen at some point. Shipping Containers turned multi-functional units is just one of them. And since they are already a part of our reality, should we just let go and enjoy the benefits? So far, it looks like this Shipping Container business is no joke and that it looks to develop into an even more amazing business.

More and more various parties are becoming interested into using them so architects, designers and engineers seem to have a new task – to upgrade containers to a point where there isn't a single flaw there which also means using container shelters as a weather and heat protection. 
Photo Credit: Arquimomentos
And I’m sure they’ll manage.

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