How To Teach Your Kids To Tie The Shoes Laces Properly
Teaching your child to tie their own shoe laces can seem like an impossible task. Tying your shoe laces requires spatial reasoning skills and fine motor co-ordination, and while some children naturally pick up this skill before they go to kindergarten, others struggle and can be almost ready for school but still not able to tie their laces properly. 

Contrary to your natural instincts as a parent, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Children develop at different rates and while you may think that your child is "behind" if they are struggling to dress themselves, other children who have mastered zips, laces, buttons and ties may have weaker literacy or numeracy skills. What matter is the end result, not how quickly you get there.

Helping Your Child Learn to Tie Their Laces 
The first thing you need to understand is that tying laces takes practice. It is not something that you should try to do once, then forget about for weeks or months. Rather, you should encourage your child to have a go at tying their laces every day. Be patient, and don't make a big deal about if your child fails, or if they seem like they're getting it one day then forget the next. Just as with learning any other skill, learning to tie your shoe laces will involve a little trial and error, and it is OK to go backwards sometimes.

Use Dress-Up Dolls 
If your child enjoys playing with dolls, buy them a dress-up doll that has shoes which are tied with proper laces. Let them play with the doll, and don't interfere when they are trying to do up the buttons or tie the laces. Let them associate the doll with play, and learn by doing without putting a lot of thought into it.

The Butterfly Method
Some nursery school teachers tell their students that doing your shoe laces is like making a butterfly. Each part of the bow is like a wing. This is a simple analogy that makes doing your shoe laces easier to understand, and it works surprisingly well.

Tough Love 
Some children are simply not interested in learning to tie their shoe laces because they think that it is hard. They know that their parents and their kindergarten teachers will tie their laces for them, so they don't want to put the work in. Or, they know that they have the option of wearing Velcro shoes so they don't bother to learn. What those children don't realize is that if they are still wearing Velcro shoes when they leave kindergarten they will get bullied. So, it is important that you as a parent make them learn.

On a day when you are not pushed for time, tell your child that they must tie their own shoes - if they don't do so, the shoes will go untied and they won't be allowed to go to the park. Do this on a regular basis, and don't back down on those days. Eventually, your child will decide that it is worth the effort to learn how to dress themselves.  

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