Guide to Greener Heating: Your Best and Cheapest Home Heating Options
Heating our homes has certainly become a challenge in today’s economy so you need to think of best solutions to stay warm during cold days yet not spend all of your savings on it. In order to accomplish this, you need to be extra careful which options you choose as some may cost you more than you've foreseen it, even though those seamed to be the best options possible at first. 

We present you some of the best options possible.
If you are just building your home you need to put efficiency first. Apart from choosing the right heating system, you need to think of other easy yet efficient ways to save up on your heating bill. You will achieve this through rather simple steps - sealing leaks in the walls, floors and ceilings as well around windows and doors. 

You can do this by yourself (if you've got experience in such endeavor) or hire a professional who will not only do all necessary leaks sealing but will first do a full examination of what all needs to be done. This examination will surely help you determine the overall cost of repairs. Be sure that the location of your hose will influence the cost. If the esteemed price of repairs is too expensive, do it yourself but first educate yourself through some DIY videos. 

After he building has been sealed up, you need to start thinking about insulation, as this is something that will help you more than you know! Insulation not only reduces energy bills in winter. It, too, reduces heat gain in the cooling season. So your family will enjoy spending time in your home and plus you will save on you bills!

Add insulation to walls but first consult an expert to help you out to do it properly. Insulation can also be added to most attics and under floors. If you feel it’s necessary, add insulation to windows. 

Furnaces and Boilers
When looking to find the best option for your home in terms of heating, don’t forget about green heating options. Installing a gas service furnace, super-efficient boiler or oil furnace is a great and simple way to have a cleaner home heating system.

In case you didn't know, Furnaces are a great option because they are equipped with a duct system that delivers heated air to each room. As for boilers they provide hot water in homes heated with radiant floor heat or hydroponic heat (baseboard hot water or radiators).

These two weren’t as efficient as they are nowadays. Their efficiency has increased dramatically in recent years. A new model gives you 90 to 94 percent efficiency range and changing your old heater for a new one in case your old one is more than 10 years old) will save you both money and heating energy. Also, consider direct-venting as it reduces cold air leakage into a home during winter and it dramatically reduces the potential for indoor air pollution.

Wood Heat
When somebody says ‘wood heat’ the first thought that comes up in your mind is probably old, dated houses and dirty floors. Well, modern wood stoves are not just much more efficient but they as well produce less pollution. The fuel you are supposed to use is pretty inexpensive. Also, modern models usually come with a fan that circulates air from around the stove into the room. This improves their efficiency.

We hope we helped!

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