Fear of Driving: How to Become Self-Confident Driver
Driving is a necessary, almost basic skill in the modern world. Not being able to drive has become tantamount to not being able to read or write. Some will say that this is a bad thing and not the most positive development, but whether you agree with this or not, driving has become a necessity.

The problem is that not everyone is a born driver and that many of us feel a certain nervousness, dread or even anxiety when they sit behind the wheel, with our palms sweaty and our hearts racing, which is not the best state of mind when driving into traffic. So, how to make this go away? How to become just another one of those people for whom driving is as easy as signing their name?

1. Rely on your skills
If you are a driver, then you have had to pass the written examination and the driving test. It is not like you are getting into a space shuttle without any prior knowledge. You know how to drive. You have the skill set. You just need to realize this on a subconscious level, as well as the conscious one and you need to stop worrying about not knowing what to do in a certain situation. 

As long as you listen to yourself and the skill-set that you have in you, you will be all right.

2. Realize you are not the only one
You are not the only driver in your city, your neighborhood or even your street who is nervous. Believe it or not, but there are a lot of people who share the same nervousness when they get in the car. The reason why this is important is that other drivers know this as well and when you make a mistake or make someone wait for a few seconds because you are backing into a parking spot in few tries, they will be patient and they will not make a scene. Of course, they can always be bullies, but who cares about them, right?

3. Do not mind other people that much
For many nervous drivers, the biggest issue is what other drivers behind them or next to them will think and how they will react to their perceived poor driving skills. In reality, even those who act out or who become obviously annoyed at your driving will forget about you the second you are out of their sight and their way. Never rush, speed or make ill-advised turns just because someone is behind you with an annoyed look on their face and increasingly-aggressive driving technique.

4. Go slow
There are all kinds of drivers and many of the best drivers you will ever see or get in car with are slow drivers. There is no shame in driving slowly and patiently. In any case, it is much better than trying to speed or rush when you are nervous. That is when mistakes are made. 
Fear of Driving: How to Become Self-Confident Driver

Find your own pace, your own rhythm and stick to it no matter what you think others will think.

Author Bio;
Ariel Bellamy, a blogger in love with life, writing, staying healthy and sharing the experience. She found her way to overcome her fear by taking a few driving lessons, and a lot of willpower and support. And loves to write for Success Manual.

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