Tips to Help You Dress for Success
Other people base their perception of you on your general appearance. They judge you based on your grooming and manner of dressing. If you want to attain success, you have to make a good impression. You have to appear professional to get respect and recognition from people within your network. Here are some valuable tips to help you dress for success.

Tips to Help You Dress for Success
A professional woman should have a neat hairstyle. Your nails have to be well manicured. Neutral nail polish can be worn on fingernails. All your clothing has to be clean and pressed. Solid colors are recommended for women. A conservative suit will help you make a good first impression. If you are wearing a skirt, it has to be knee length.

  • Choose a matching blouse or sweater for your suit and avoid bold patterns and colors. The blouse or sweater you wear with the suit should not be revealing, tight fitting, transparent, or have a low neckline. 
  • Your arms should ideally be covered to your wrist but you can wear short sleeves.
  • You can either wear flats or some low-heeled shoes with a suit. The shoes have to be closed and in a neutral color. If you wear hosiery, it has to be conservative. Choose hosiery that matches your skin color.
  • Wear minimal makeup. The makeup should be almost unnoticeable. If you use perfume, make sure it is light. Your scent should not linger in a room long after you leave.

Tips to Help You Dress for Success

  • Select a matching suit if you want to dress for success. The suit can be solid or pinstripe in gray, black, or navy. You can also combine navy and grey.
  • A light blue or white shirt is appropriate. It should contrast with your coat and tie. The shirt should be long sleeved. Rolling the sleeves makes the shirt look less professional.
  • Ties should be made of silk or another soft material. They have to match with the coat and trousers. It is better to wear a tie that greatly contrasts with your shirt color. Select some simple subtle patterns to enhance you credibility.
  • Socks should be in solid colors such as gray, black, or navy. Calf length socks are appropriate but you can wear those that go beyond the calf.Wear lace up shoes instead of slip-ons. Pick dark-colored shoes that match your trouser. 
  • A leather belt is a wonderful accessory for the suit but it has to match with your shoes. If you have to wear a coat over your suit, it has to be full-length and in a neutral color.
  • Hair has to be shaved. If you have facial hair, it should be well trimmed. You can wear cologne but it should not be strong. Avoid any scents that will offend the people you will interact with.

Tips to Help You Dress for Success
Accessories are important when you dress for success but your jewelry should be minimal. For men, you should only wear one ring on each hand. A watch is recommended but it has to be elegant to match your professional look. Avoid necklaces and earrings. Women have to pick their accessories carefully. 

Ladies should not have more than three pieces of jewelry on at the same time. If you wear a watch, you should not have a bracelet on. You can wear a necklace, earrings, and a ring with your suit. Avoid big and noisy accessories.

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