Out Of Shape? Do These 5 Exercises Daily
We're all guilty of letting ourselves go from time to time. It can be easy to do, especially when we're busy with work or other commitments, and we can't find the time to get to the gym.

But you don't need to be religious about going to the gym to keep fit. There are some simple exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home which can help to keep you in shape. Here are five simple exercises which will help you get that blood pumping and keep you feeling trim (and remember to dress appropriately before you begin, in a loose T-shirt, comfortable jogging pants and trainers):

This is a great workout for your thigh and calf muscles, and can help to decrease feelings of stiffness. Simply stand upright and step forward, moving your front leg until the heel on your rear leg comes slightly off the floor. Then bend on your front knee, hold for a second then return to your initial upright position. Now, do the same on the other leg, and alternate between the two. Five reps on each is usually a good number to adhere to for a daily workout.

You don't need to do military push-ups on the ground to see the benefit of this exercise. Doing them against a wall or on a counter works too. Stand, with your feet a shoulder's length apart, in front of a counter or all.
Then place your hands on the wall or counter, and lower yourself closer to it by bending at the elbows. Ten of these should be adequate for most light workouts.

This workout may not seem like it's doing much, but it's great for your lower body muscles and can help you improve your posture. Take a solid item which can comfortably take your weight, and is around a foot high. Then step onto it with one leg, and then the other leg. Step back off. Then do the same but with the other leg first. As it is quite a low intensity rep, 20 of these should suffice.

Lie down on a flat surface. Raise yourself onto your elbows and forearms, and your toes and knees. Then lower yourself down, completely straightening yourself out. Then, after pulling in your core, pull yourself up on your toes, and hold for around 15 seconds. Then lower yourself onto your knees. Do this again four times.

Jumping Jacks
Sometimes referred to as star jumps, this is a great workout for getting your circulation moving. Stand with your arms at your sides, feet together. Then jump, bringing out both feet to the sides, and raising your arms outwards to the sides and over your head. After doing that, jump again, and bring your arms and legs back in to your starting position. Do as many of these as you like.

And finally...
Remember to warm down, and walk around for a couple of minutes before resting.

Author Bio;
This article is written by Alex who works for Express Doctor, a UK based online provider of prescription medicine. In his free time, Alex loves to workout at his local gym.

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