What to Wear to a Wine Bar

Wine bars are a great way to spend a night out and even learn a thing or two while you have fun. If you are attending a tasting at a wine bar or just meeting friends there, you want to dress the part. Obviously the only thing the bar will be serving is wine but if there is a food menu it will primarily consist of small plates and cheeses that are paired with the featured wines. As for attire, most wine bars ask for business attire or slightly more formal. No need to come to a wine bar in a full-length ball gown or your tuxedo and tails. Read through to find out the best outfit choices you can make at different kinds of wine bars. 

If you are visiting a wine bar on a vineyard:
There is nothing more fun than getting out of the city and returning to nature, especially if that nature consists of wine and beautiful vineyards. Because vineyards need a temperate climate with reasonable amounts of rain and nutritious soil, wine vineyards usually have some of the nicest environments. Visiting a vineyard and trying their various wines is a great weekend getaway that will leave you feeling rested and recharged. But as far as the attire for a weekend on the vineyard you’ll want to remain comfortable and casual. You’ll likely be walking through the vineyards and enjoying your wine selections outside. 

For Women: Try pairing a nice pair of jeans with a breezy, comfortable blouse. Add wedges or sandals if you don’t have to walk. If you do, try a comfortable, casual shoe. Accessorize your outfit with a sweater or wrap in case you get a little chilly. Finally, minimal jewelry is necessary at a vineyard, but a pair of your 
favorite earrings and necklace can take your ensemble to the next level. 

For Men: For men on a vineyard, staying casual may be a little easier. A nice pair of khakis or a great pair of jeans will be comfortable and allow you to move if you need to walk. Add a comfortable polo or button-down shirt so that you can enjoy the weather and still look appropriate as well. 

If you are visiting a wine bar in your city:
Wine bars can be a great way to do something different other than the usual lounges and cocktail bars. At wine bars, such as a wine bar in New Orleans, there are professionals that can help you make the best decisions for your flavor preferences or mood. Take a look at the local wine bars in your area and see if  they have happy hour or nightly specials that you can enjoy with friends. 

For Women: A wine bar in the city may ask for a slightly more professional or formal attire. Wear what you would to the office or on a date. Try a favorite skirt or dress with a sweater along with heels. Pair with your favorite clutch or small bag and you’ll be looking perfect for a wine bar. If the bar is slightly more formal, try a nice cocktail dress and strappy heels with dangling earrings and light jewelry. 

For Men: Men should keep their look professional as well. A jacket with a button down shirt and slacks are recommended. Loafers or other closed toe shoes are the best choice, keep the tennis shoes at home, guys. Add your favorite watch or a tie to complete your look.

The most important thing to remember at a wine bar is to try some new things and have a great time. Ask as many questions as you can so that when you are selecting wine on your own, you can make an informed decision and get a delicious bottle of wine too. 

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What to Wear to a Wine Bar

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