The Best Destinations for Wine
Traveling the world is always a recommended activity and what could be better than traveling the world but in the search for amazing wine? In order to find the best wine destinations, you should know that to grow certain wines, viticulturists need specific weather, soil and climate factors. Because of this, places where wine is grown usually have amazing climates that make it even more prone to visitors. Read through to find out some of the best places in the world to visit if you are searching for amazing wines. 

1) The Aegean Islands, Greece
The Best Destinations for Wine

The Greeks have been perfecting the formula for great wine for thousands of years. And the best place to look for wine in Greece is on the beautifully whitewashed beaches of the Aegean Islands. Because of their proximity to the Aegean Sea, the Aegean Islands have the perfect soil for growing a variety of red and white grapes. The beauty of Santorini will take your breath away while Crete and Samos offer you amazing food and delicious, fresh wine. 

2) Bordeaux Region, France
The Best Destinations for Wine

The Bordeaux region of France is probably one of the most famous wine destinations in the world. Located along the Gironde River and the Atlantic Ocean, the moisture in the air makes for the rich soil and warm flavors of French wine. Known for dry, medium-bodied wines, the Bordeaux region produces some of the best quality bordeauxs and reds like Cabernet, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc on the right bank from places such as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. A New Orleans wine store is a great place to try these high-end wines before you travel, but it’s definitely worth going on a whim.

3) The Sonoma County, California
The Best Destinations for Wine

Located in the northern part of California, the Sonoma region is world famous for the wines produced. The area is the largest producer of wine with 13 vineyards and over 400 wineries. Tourists flock to the area for the wine but also for the beautiful scenery and tepid climate. The weather in Sonoma is somewhat cooler than other wine destinations, usually between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, with a moderate amount of rainfall. Known for the white wines of the region, Sonoma is the place for wine lovers in the United States. 

4) Texas Hill Country, Texas
The Best Destinations for Wine

When people think of wine destinations, they don’t often consider Texas to be a place where quality wines are being produced. But considering the amount of space that Texas has, as well as the differing climates throughout the state, planting vineyards in this region is a great idea. Located along Highway 260, various 
vineyards are sprouting up in the area and the region is even the 5th largest producer of wine in the United States. The best time to visit would be in October and go along the Texas Wine Trail so you can get the full experience. 

5) Mendoza, Argentina
The Best Destinations for Wine

Growing wine grapes is a delicate science, as it requires factors such as: elevation, sunlight, rainfall, climate and soft soil. Luckily, Mendoza has all of these factors. Located along the Andes mountains, Argentina is known for the dark and smokey Malbecs. Enjoy these delicious wines while you travel through South American country. You will not be disappointed.No matter where you travel, you’ll surely find some great times and great wines. 

If you’re solely traveling on your desires for delicious wine, though, these are some of the best places to do it.

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