Ten Easy Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry
 Whilst preparing for what is generally one of the most important days in a woman's life, saying the words "I do" to the man of your dreams, there are a million and one things to concern yourself with. As beautiful as the whole tradition is, there are so many factors that must be considered. As a Jewelry designer I would like to lend a hand to prospective brides when it comes to picking and choosing your Jewelry for your big day;

  1. If you have any Jewelry from your mother or any family member do wear it! This will cover the "Something old".
  2. You could commission a bespoke piece for your "something new” or simply buy off the shelf.
  3. If you do not have any family pieces you could ask a close friend, this could be your "something borrowed".
  4. Neckline: take into account your neckline. High necklines generally equal no necklace but then a beautiful pair of earrings whether simple drops or a more flamboyant style is perfect! A Strapless neckline allows for plenty of room for freedom when choosing a necklace whether it is: chokers, collars or a very delicate pendant.
  5. Sleeve line: If you have long sleeves then the last thing you want to do is have a bracelet, no brides wants to risk continuous snagging on your lace! 
  6. Hair style: the hairstyle, much like your neckline will dictate to you the kind of Jewelry that is suitable. For example if you are wearing a strapless gown with your hair styled up then one can go crazy and wear whatever appeals! Necklace, earrings etc. Saying that, don't allow yourself to be decked out like a Christmas tree! 
  7. If you are a traditional gal and are looking for your "something blue" you could incorporate this in your Jewelry choice whether it's a very dainty blue stone bracelet or you want a statement piece and opt for big, bold and BLUE then be adventurous whether you have the funds for Sapphires or if not Iolites, a pretty blue stone which is affordable and can resemble a Sapphire hence it's nickname "Water Sapphire" I would absolutely recommend this stone. Kyanites are also a stunning stone and are an option. For something a little unusual a Rainbow Moonstone can be perfect. The flecks of blue are subtle, feminine and oh-so-pretty.
  8. If you do not want a piece to be seen but are traditional and want to keep with the saying and do not like the standard blue garter you could have a simple anklet with a blue stone whether precious, semi precious or crystal. It will kill two birds with one stone and be your "something new and something blue". Out of sight but they’re for only your eyes... And yours grooms later on that magical day of course… 
  9. Tiaras: now either you love this look or you hate it. However some brides can go OTT and look like a Disney princess rather than a modern day bride. If you like the idea of a tiara, keep it simple and avoid the garish look!
  10. Hair Jewelry: so for those tiara -hating brides you could opt for a tasteful hair- piece, which tends to have a floral/leaf design motif that can be incorporated into your chignon with ease. 

I hope I have helped you dear reader and if you find yourself struggling I do offer a free consultation. Please visit my bespoke jewelry website or why not contact me on info@xanthemarina.com.

Author Bio; 
Xanthe Marina is a London bespoke jewelry designer specializing in bespoke pieces using 18k Gold, Sterling Silver and precious stones. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Tattler, GQ, Traveler, In Style, Square Mile, and Brides. 
Ten Easy Steps to Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

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