Must Read: Why You Should Stop Drinking Energy Drinks?
Energy drinks are no longer a fad nor are they associated only with athletes and sports people. It is turned into an epidemic, a kind of revolution where every age group irrespective of the gender seems to be participating. While some have jumped the band wagon considering it a serious "energy" source others indulge in these drinks for a wide variety of reasons such as, instant adrenaline rush, a great way to stay awake or simply because everyone else is drinking.

However, energy drinks have their own set of issues, shortcomings and health related problems. At the very top of the list is the use of unknown and mystical ingredients. Such ingredients have never been tested or approved by FDA and associated bodies. Moreover, these ingredients vary from one energy drink manufacturer to another. In such a scenario controlling this plethora of substances is next to impossible. Unknown to us and FDA some of these might be harmful to humans. Vital data for such substances has never been archived or published, either by companies or health groups.

While most of the top sports entities have dietetics controlling and guiding them via consumption of food and energy drinks, ordinary folks are ignorant of various health hazards associated with it. This results in several hospitalizations and serious addiction problems every year throughout the world. The surprising fact is people in their late thirties and early forties seemed to be the most vulnerable because of their sedate lifestyle and ailments.

As mentioned earlier, ingredients in energy drinks have a definite role to play. These are basically stimulants and their percentage can affect the health of people to varying degrees. One of the stimulants which everyone is aware of, and which is found in large amounts in energy drinks is caffeine. It is this stimulant which causes severe health problems. Some of the other reasons why you should stop drinking energy drinks are mentioned below.

Caffeine can push you towards the nearest washroom frequently, to empty your bladder. A large dose of caffeine turns you diuretic which simply mean the urge to urinate often. 

However, if caffeine is consumed in small quantities this urge is less noticeable. Energy drink guzzlers over forty need to consult their doctor, and clarify the amount of caffeine intake per day. This will make sure caffeine's side effect is neutralized to a large extent.

A test conducted amongst men and women, albeit in small numbers has proved that the combination of sugar and caffeine does increase body fat significantly. However, does this fat retain it presence and multiply over a short and long timeline is something which needs to be ascertained.

Increased carbohydrate oxidation is a proof that energy drinks do make consumers fat. This is especially true with those individuals who lead a lethargic, sedentary life. Burning off carbohydrates, minerals, electrolytes and sugar, some of the essential ingredients require intense workouts which many people ignore and in the process expose themselves to serious illnesses. It is an essential requirement. 

Dental erosion is yet another issue associated with energy and sports drinks.

Cardio vascular problems
That caffeine along with some of the ingredients typically found in energy drinks causes increased heart beats and blood pressure is a proven fact. This is what is called adrenaline rush. It is this power spike which snaps open the eyes of drinkers and makes them feel energized. Over a period of time a habitual power drink consumer may find it difficult to adjust to normal beats and normal blood pressure. It can make this user feel tired, fatigued and depressed. Yet another side effect of energy drinks is sweating and chills. This typically happens due to sudden burst of power which is released inside the body in an uncontrolled fashion.

Sleep disorder
A burst of large quantities of caffeine, sucrose and assorted electrolytes could lead to unusual actions and hyperactivity. The body gets pumped up with enormous energy which it needs to expend. However, post normalization it becomes difficult for the person to sleep, concentrate or stay focused for long duration's. This could also happen once a person goes off energy drinks permanently, also termed as withdrawal effect. It may take weeks to adopt normal sleeping and eating cycle.

Sleep cycles typically tend to go away with energy drinks. Once this pattern goes haywire the body develops associated complications such as high blood pressure, nausea etc.

Caffeine intoxication and addiction
Caffeine intoxication is as bad as alcohol addiction. It generally gets a person hooked onto the liquid content. The long term backlashes could be serious. Like alcohol even energy drinks are expensive. Regular consumption will not only mean spending large amounts of money but may also lead to complete dependence. Although power drinks are not alcoholic in nature their craving, especially due to several synthetic and natural ingredients may well be a cause for worry. Moreover, energy dinks in tandem with alcoholic drinks may prove fatal as both offer conflicting joys; while the latter typically numbs the senses the former behaves just the opposite. It means a person will drink more than usual which is bad for body in general and health in particular.

Other risks
It is easy to consume caffeine rich energy drinks in large quantities. The reason is because of its sweet taste and ingredients which are addictive in nature. This often leads to consumption way beyond one's capacity or need. However, it affects the body instantly, offering physical and psychological nirvana. These drinks are not only exploited for instant power needs but for other reasons also which makes it an extremely deadly concoction.

For example, as mentioned above, in combination with alcohol it forms a lethal drink. Secondly, if large quantity of energy drinks when consumed on empty stomach may have serious repercussions. In short, energy and sports drinks do have issues associated with them. This is further aggravated by the fact that some of its unknown and closely held secret ingredients may well be the nemesis of human health.

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Must Read: Why You Should Stop Drinking Energy Drinks?

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