Fun and Creative Easter Acitivities for Kids
Easter is a favorite holiday for both parents and children across the country. What's not to love? It is a day for celebrating tradition, participating in fun activities, and reveling in yummy treats. With a little bit of creativity, Easter can be an exciting day for the entire family and a time for bonding and learning. Here are some Easter activity ideas which are sure to spark your little ones' imaginations and maybe also add a little bit of that spring to your own step. Easter eggs are an old favorite when it comes to fun springtime activities. If you want to prepare authentic Easter eggs, you must first begin with eggs. Large eggs will result in mighty 

Easter eggs, but they are more fragile due to their enlargement. The first step is to use a pin or needle to pole a hole in the shell without cracking it, which can be difficult if you don't have high manual dexterity skills. Second, you need a syringe, which can often be acquired from a drug store for relatively little expense. The syringe is used to slowly draw out the yolk out of the eggs, leaving the hollow shell behind. Alternatively, you could poke similar tiny holes in both the top and bottom of the egg and apply blowing pressure to one of the holes. This will force the yolk out of the end of the egg, again leaving you with an empty shell. You can also collect the egg innards for a tasty meal. You can also just leave the yolk inside the egg and hard boil the egg, which is far less effort and also results in a tasty meal. 

You'll also need egg dyes, which can be purchased at your local supermarkets and Easter emporiums. You can also use regular food coloring, but your colors may be less intense and less fascinating. Do not use garment dye if you intend to eat the eggs afterwards or if you have small children, as small children often eat colorful things, and they would be made ill by the garment dye. 

 The eggs should then be placed in the dye and allowed to color. Before dying the eggs, you can write on them with a wax pencil to create intricate designs, as the dye will not be able to penetrate through the solid wax. 

Another fun Easter activity is looking at chickens. Many local businesses and establishments will feature small chickens for handling and petting by children, which can result in a fun day of activity. However, you should be cautious, as chickens can attack with fierce pecks. The handling of fuzzy young chickens is enjoyable for all ages due to their pleasing texture and amusing antics. 

After all of the chickens have been observed and handled, and all of the eggs have been made, you can then hold an Easter egg hunt on Easter morning, which consists of hiding eggs around your house in the night, but not the same ones you made. Use plastic ones filled with candy instead. The real eggs are rather unappealing.  

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