Expert advice to keep your skin young and gorgeous
Your skin will tell a lot about you. My biology tells me that the skin is the largest organ in the body. How your skin looks is a reflection of your body’s nutritive value. Smooth, blemishes, and shiny skin is what you should have. You can have it if you observe the following nutrients in your diet. 

Low fat dairy products 
You need vitamin A for your skin to be healthy. To have a skin that has healthy cells, intake of vitamin A is advised. The skin cells are dependent on the dietary advantage of vitamin A. The best source of vitamin A is low fat dairy products. Take low fat yogurt to benefit your skin with the nutritive advantage of the vitamin. Having a glass of yogurt daily will enhance your intestinal health through live bacteria acidophilus that improves the look of the skin. 

Berries and plums 
To keep your skin young and gorgeous, you need to keep your body detoxified. Good-looking skin are a reflection of the absence of toxins in the body. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums are high antioxidants. Your skin can benefit a lot from the fruits including protecting the skin from free radicals that damage the membrane of the skin cells. 

Take salmon, walnuts, flax seed or canola oil 
Even though these foods are unrelated, they are rich in essential fatty acids that are responsible for healthy skin. To have healthy cell membranes, which will protect the cells from harmful things, you need fatty acids. The cell membranes are also the passage for nutrients into the cells. They have to function optimally for the skin to look gorgeous and young. To prevent the skin from being dry, the membrane has to allow hydration of the cells. Fatty acids will provide the mechanism for hydration of the skin. 

Healthy oils 
Healthy oils are mandatory for smooth and good skins. You have to know the oils that are right for the skin. It is not just about having oils; it is having the right oil in the right amount. Olive oils are what you need. Because the fats are high in calories, you do not need more than two tablespoon in a day. Keep the fats low. 

Whole-wheat bread, muffin, and cereals
In this list of foods, I will add turkey, tuna, and Brazil nuts. These foods contain selenium, which is important for a young looking skin. Selenium protects your skin from the sun and other damaging agents. Skin cells are less likely to be affected when the selenium levels are high.  

Consider having green tea because of their anti-inflammatory importance. Plenty of water comes in handy for the best skins. You need to look good wearing a young and gorgeous skin. It is all about having the healthy look. Keeping the skin healthy requires your body to be healthy. Being an organ that controls perspiration, detoxification, and protection of the body, good health adds to the look of the skin. Health maintenance should be continuous.

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Sophie Morgan is a Passionate blogger and a Nutritionist who loves to provide many suggestions to people for planning proper diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Presently she works on behalf of a EHIC card an European health insurance card which provides you medical benefits.

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