Best Spring Cruises
It is spring again and we are all excited. It is that time of the year when warmth is all around us and fun is on our minds. One of the greatest things to do so as to better love and appreciate spring is cruising. The way we appreciate the spring warmth, is preferably the same way ship owners are. This is because it’s their time to cruise to Europe or Alaska which are better destinations for most tourists.

Spring cruises are divided into two from which you can choose whichever is best suitable for your adventure needs. These are re-positioning which cruises from the Caribbean to Alaska and or Hawaii, and the Holland based known as the spring Tulip Cruise (Holland/Dutch Tulip Cruise). Below is a closer look at each of these cruises to better give you the picture from which you can make your options.

1. Re-positioning Cruises
  Best Spring Cruises

These are ships that sail towards Europe from South America. This happens during spring because when winter comes in, they shift from European waters where it is too called and snowing to the Caribbean where it is usually warm. While during winter they could engage in other activities like moving cargo and shipping cars overseas.

The name simply comes from the word re-position since they shift locations from winter areas to summer ones. This shift or change of locations takes place in spring and fall.
These cruises sail between 9 and 18 days making it more enjoyable by sea lovers. Normal routes start mostly from Caribbean and Florida to Europe. Some will head to the West Coast via the Panama Canal. Those that take the west coast route normally sail further to Hawaii and or Alaska.

Best thing about the re-positioning cruises is that they usually give discounts since they want to fill up fast get moving. This is in addition to the best of services provided and the long sail.

2. Holland/Dutch Tulip Cruise
  Best Spring Cruises

The most famous and renowned destination on the Holland Cruise is the Keukenhof Bulb Gardens. This is because of its legacy as the largest floral display in the world. This can easily be accessible without being on the cruise but what makes it so adventurous are the beautiful tulips and the wonderful sceneries of Holland cities on a single route or cruise. There is no better way of enjoying a tour trip in Holland than comforting yourself on Dutch’s small ship cruise during spring.

The unique thing about the Holland cruise is the waterways at the height of the tulips through the quaint harbor and river towns. If the tulip cruise is your choice make it a point that you visit between towards the end of March and mid May. For this is the time when the Keukenhof gardens’ tulips are blooming at their best and your cruise will be filled with great memories since you will enjoy the various colors lighting from the amazing thousands of bulbs.

Enjoy this spring and create great memories on the cruise. Choose whichever looks better and affordable for you.

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