Best Recipes with Reduced Wine Sauce
Wine is such a versatile substance. It comes in several flavors and can be added to a number of dishes. People have been cooking with wine for hundreds of years and for good reason. Adding wine to your favorite recipes can enhance flavors, tenderize meat and add complexity to your dish. Read through to find the best ways to include reduced wine into your favorite sauces and dishes. 

1. Marinara
Every Italian will have a different recipe for their marinara. Likely passed down throughout the generations, there is a basic list of ingredients including: tomatoes, sugar, salt and pepper, herbs and wine. Adding wine to marinara helps to round out the flavors so that it isn't overly sweet or salted. Most chefs will recommend using a red wine, something of low alcohol content so that it will burn off quickly such as a red blend or a Merlot. 

2. Piccata
A common Italian dish, chicken piccata, is nothing without the use of wine. Nothing more than a sauce made with butter, lemon juice, capers and white wine, piccata is a favorite dish among many but without the use of wine, it becomes a very salty (from the caper) fattening sauce. Most chefs recommend using a dryer white blend such as sauvignon blanc for your favorite picatta recipes. 

3. Sauce Colbert 
A common French sauce, a sauce Colbert is a variation of a bearnaise sauce. Similar to a sauce Foyot, a Colbert consists of the standard butter, egg yolks, and white wine vinegar. But with a sauce Colbert there is an addition of meat glaze as well as reduced white wine. Shallot, tarragon and peppercorn are also added to any bearnaise. Most would recommend a cooking wine for a recipe such as this but if you wanted to use actual wine, use a dry Chardonnay from a New Orleans wine store. When using wine for sauces, especially for cream sauces, a dry wine is best because it can be difficult to monitor the amount of alcohol being reduced. 

4. Stews
Adding reduced wine to your stews can make a beautiful homemade meal feeling that seems like a five star restaurant. If you are making stews with a combination of meat and vegetables such as a beef bourguignon, you will want to use a reduction of red wine. Red wine is the preferred choice when using meats as it is a tenderizer and doesn't contain the same floral and acidic notes that a white wine usually has. 

5. Braising
Braising is a cooking technique that uses different kinds of heat in order to cook large pieces of meat. Sometimes referred to as “pot roasting,” braising usually means to first sear the meat with high heat so that the tough bits of collagen can be broken down as well as helping to create a crust that will keep moisture within. Then, a bit of acidity is added to help with this breakdown such as wine, vinegar, or tomatoes, along with stock to create a level of moisture that the meat will imbibe as it cooks. 

If all else fails, at least remember that half the fun of cooking is trying new things. All it takes is it to work one time and you’ll be hooked on that recipe for years to come. Wine, it’s not just for drinking anymore!

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Best Recipes with Reduced Wine Sauce

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