Aim for the top, not the nearest peak: the Abraham Lincoln Story
In life we are all confronted with good and bad times. These are absolutely inevitable and will follow each other in succession. We all can handle the good times. It’s the bad times that can completely overwhelm us.

There was once a man whose story moves me deeply. This man confronted insurmountable obstacles throughout his life to become a super achiever. He was born in a one room cabin and when he was only 9 years, his mother died. A year later, his father remarried and he had to live with a stepmother.

To support his family, he started working on the neighboring farm and this denied him an opportunity to go to school, so he only had formal education for a total of one year. Out of his ravenous for success, he read a variety of books and was self-educated until he became a lawyer. But when he started a law firm, it failed.

This man wanted to make a difference, so he joined politics. He ran for House of Representatives post and lost miserably. In 1833, he started a business that disastrously failed. He went bankrupt and spent the next 17 years paying back his debts. In 1835, he got engaged but his fiance died. He had a nervous breakdown in 1836 and spent six months in bed. In 1838, he ran for the office of speaker of the legislature but failed. In 1843, 1846, and 1848, ran for and lost for congress.

In 1842, he married again and they had four children, but over the next 12 years only one of them survived until adulthood. In 1855, he ran for senate but was defeated.

The next year, he went after the vice presidency and only received 100 votes. In 1858, he lost an election for the senate. By this time I am sure he was considering changing his name to ‘defeat’ but he didn't! He is Abraham Lincoln. This man went on to become the 16th president of the United States. He refused to give up, but continued to fight in the face of defeat.

Today as I observe in retrospect this man’s story, I am reminded of a prince code-named the triple (AAA) battery –Accept-Adapt-Ascend.

Accept who you are, where you are and with whom you are. A genuine, truthful and honest measure of yourself will always rate you more realistically for where you want to go. The knowledge of who you truly are is first and foremost the fundamental yardstick of the potential you carry. Acceptance is not weakness. It is strength born out of knowledge.

Adaptability is the willpower and action-power to adjust or modify you fittingly to requirements and conditions. Adaptability is not just a mandatory tactic for survival but a source of renewed life during the tough contests of life. You shall remain insufficient and unsatisfactory if you cannot adjust yourself to become complementary, continually suitable for and adapted to your tough times.

Once you Accept and Adapt, make a deliberate metallic resolve to Ascendnot to the nearest peak but to the top. Nobody enjoys and expedition to the top of the mountain more than the person who knows they have asthma and carried medication for the journey. This well-prepared person will not have surprise on the way. He can rest assured of victory on his quest to conquer the mountain and ascend to the top, not because he is an expert explorer but because he Accepts, Adapts and Ascends.

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