A Fashion Wardrobe That Lasts Trends
We all love fashion. We follow trends in magazines, fashion blogs, television shows and celebrities. But how can you tell if a fashion trend is here to stay? Are you the type to fill your closet with neon colors this season, and have to throw them out the next because animal prints is now in?

Everyone feels slightly left behind in fashion every once in a while. All you have to do is identify trends that will last longer than springs/summer, and incorporate those into your wardrobe. We shall take you through the motions on how to identify those trends that are here to stay, and trends that will be yesterday’s news next season, and how you can still maintain an up-to-date fashion forward image.

All about fad fashion
Fad fashion is fashion trend that is all the rave everywhere you go today, but will only stay a couple of months to a year before you get tired of it. When fad fashion goes out of fashion it really does go out of fashion –there is no in-between. An example of fad fashion is studded clothes and accessories. I’m sure; some of you own a pair of studded jeans, jackets and heels. Another example is fringed clothes and accessories (cowboy look).

How can we avoid spending our hard earned money on clothes, accessories and shoes that we can almost never wear again –at least not until fad comes back around in three or four years?
Easy, become a more discerning fashion lover, and learn to identify real and lasting fashion trends.

Fashion trends
A true fashion trend, like the skinny jean, slim tie, animal prints and tribal accessories lasts over a year to five years. This is the kind of stuff you see being recreated over and over again by designers on our catwalks, because they simply cannot get enough of it. Being able to identify these fashion trends and incorporating them into your wardrobe is the best way to ensure that you always step out like the true fashionista you are. Outfits in this category tend to be more suitable for social (both formal and informal) gatherings where one is required to look more dressed up. Then we have fashion staples. Or fashion classics.

Fashion classics
Classic fashion is a fashion trend that has stood the test of time. These are your pencil skirts and shift dresses, your boot cut pants and classic court shoes. When it comes to fashion classics, invest in high quality pieces, because you can wear them for years to come. One great thing about classics is that they are always on the market and never lose shape,  tuxedo vests and ties are just an example to prove the consistence of the classic vest shape. You can wear fashion classics to almost any occasion, from the full formal office attire to your casual relaxed outfits and your smart casual look. Get them in fun vibrant colors that bring your personality and just trust that you can never go wrong with fashion classic.

When building your wardrobe, depending on your style personality, you want it to have

     40% fashion classics
     40% fashion trends 

     20% fad fashion

Ten wardrobe essentials
Wardrobe essentials are items you can wear with anything, over anything and under anything. They are fashion classics that will never let you down.

A Fashion Wardrobe That Lasts Trends

  1. A good quality black/beige coat 
  2. A silk/satin blouse (in your favorite color) 
  3. A leather handbag 
  4. A fancy clutch bag 
  5. Little black dress 
  6. Black pants 
  7. A white shirt 
  8. A pair of boots 
  9. A pair of court shoes 
A Fashion Wardrobe That Lasts Trends

  1. A black/grey coat 
  2. A white cotton shirt 
  3. A simple-print dress shirt 
  4. Neutral-colored tie 
  5. A good quality dark blue/grey suit 
  6. Good quality dark-colored jeans 
  7. A good quality polo tee (in your favorite color) 
  8. Black shoes and a matching belt 
  9. A pair of smart casual shoes (such as loafers) or ankle boots 
  10. Wool knit sweater/scarf

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