Businesses you can start that don't require big capital
There’s no stopping between you and achieving your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur! Who says you have to get stuck up in your office cubicle and living a life you don’t want? Break free from your boring life and pursue your passions, instead! Start a small business and realize your dream of being your own boss and doing the things that you love most. There are so many businesses that you can put up on a shoestring and all you need is a lot of guts and courage to market and give it your best shot. Here’s a list of some businesses that you can start even on little cash:

1. Online Writing Services: Online writing is in these days. In fact, this niche market has diversified already to include writing content for various platforms. If you have the knack for researching and weaving words into compelling statements, then, putting up your own writing firm will provide you a huge possibility of tapping into this market. You can offer web content writing service, where your clients will contract you to provide
articles for their website. You can also build up your own website or blog and profit from ad sales or commissions. You can also go self-publishing! If you have already written hundreds of articles, you can collate these articles, do a little tweak and have your own ebook. You can sell this through Amazon and earn royalty in return.

2. Search Engine Optimization: If you are gifted in boosting search engine traffic, perhaps you could help site owners make their websites land on Google’s top 10 rank. Search engine optimization is a very lucrative gig and you can earn thousands here, especially if you offer white hat SEO with excellent results. Search engine optimization is a complicated task, though, and it involves a set of activities, including keyword research, rank and traffic analysis, web content writing, tagging, etc., so you have to at least have a little bit of all these skills to provide your clients with a job well done.

3. Website Design: Thousands of websites sprout like mushroom every day. There are so-so websites while there are also great websites. These are sites that in just one glance you’d want to check out what’s inside it. If you have this creative genius coupled by the technical skills involved in website design, then, why not offer your services to small businesses that haven’t yet gone online? Surely, you could be a big help to them! Tell them what opportunities await them when they decide to launch their website.

4. Child, Elderly or Pet Care: If you have the patience and the time to look after other people’s loved ones… or pets, then, offering child, elderly, or pet care could be ideal for you. More and more moms are jumping into the corporate world and building their own careers outside home. This means less time for kids, so moms would have to entrust their little toddlers to the care of babysitters and childcare professionals—and you could be the right person for this! Similarly, a lot of people don’t want the burden of looking after sick people, so they’d rather subscribe to the service of caregiver. You can build a business around these interests. You could offer the service yourself or open your own agency that will look for the service providers and earn money from commissions in return.

5. Tutorial Service: If you are skilled in English, mathematics or sciences, perhaps, you could bank on your wits by offering a tutorial service. You can teach your neighbor’s kids or offer virtual tutorial to foreign-language students. Korea and China are two biggest markets for native language speakers all you need is an excellent grasp of basic English, a PC or laptop, stable internet connection, headset and speaker and you’re on your way earning decent cash.

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Manilyn Moreno is an entrepreneur. She is managing a small catering business at home. Her experience in the kitchen allows her to share catering tips at Better Cater blog. Better Cater provides catering software for easy recipe costing of catering business. 

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