Healthy and Natural Choice - Make Your Bathroom Greener
Most people don’t really like thinking about their bathrooms too much, they do their business there and forget that the room exists. However, there are a number of things that you have to keep in mind if you want to have an eco-friendly, healthy bathroom. Ignoring them can cost both you and the environment quite a bit, so as uncomfortable as this topic can be for some people, make sure that you have done everything that you can do to improve your bathroom.

Wasting Water
A lot of bathrooms are not only depositories for your waste, but causes of another type of waste, water waste, to be more precise. Luckily there are a number of things that you can do in order to reduce this to its minimal values.

First of all, you should check for the leaks. If your water meter shows that you have been spending water, even if you’ve taken care to not to use any, you may have a leak. Locating and fixing it will go a long way towards reducing your bills and ensuring that you are not being careless with this precious resource.

Installing a faucet aerator can also help significantly reduce the amount of wasted water in your bathroom, as can the installation of a low flow toilet, or one with dual flush system, which allows you to use less water when flushing number one. If you don’t want to spring for a new toilet, you might want to place a bottle with some pebbles into your water tank, which will reduce the amount of water that you use with each flush.

Apart from changing your fixtures, there are other ways to reduce the amount of water you use, and they don’t require you to do anything else apart from changing some habits. This includes taking shorter showers, not letting the water flow while you are brushing your teeth and not flushing after urinating.

Using Recycled Toilet Paper
You’d be shocked at the number of trees that get cut down only to make something that is ultimately, literally flushed down the toilet. While some recycled papers can be as much more expensive than the typical ones, and not all of them are as comfortable, using them is a tremendous service to the environment.

Prevent Mildew
Even though allowing the mold and mildew to freely develop in your bathroom may be the most literal interpretation of ‘making your bathroom greener’ this is really not something that you want to allow. You can prevent this by using mildew resistant material in your bathroom and making sure that the room has adequate ventilation. If you are not able to install a window in there, at least make sure that you have a fan.

Using Natural Cleaners
One of the things that is most damaging to the environment that goes on in your bathroom is the use of different chemicals for cleaning. Those chemicals will eventually end up in the ocean or the soil, causing untold harm to both environment and yourself. That’s why you should do your research on safe, natural methods of cleaning, and only stick to them.

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Ariel Bellamy is a creative writer and enthusiastic blogger who loves exploring health benefits of a well functioning and designed home and is devoted to making a green contribution to the world. From basics of gardening and lighting choices, to blocked drains and bathroom tiles – she is always happy to be of help.

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