Green Tea and Honey-- Nature’s Healthiest Drink?
With the endless advertisements and recommendations for health drinks, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones with what ingredients are the right ones for your needs. 
But what could be considered the healthiest drink is one that provides natural, beneficial ingredients that do not effect the body in harmful ways. Some studies have selected green tea with honey as the nature’s healthiest drink and this article will explore that nomination. 

Green tea (camellia sinesis) has been cultivated in India and Asia for centuries and the popularity seems to rivaling black tea in the Western world. There is a continuous flow of research that suggests this spike in popularity stems from the amazing health benefits that green tea provides. Green tea contain a high amount of flavonoids, the same flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables that are proven to provide major health benefits.

Green tea also contains another important component known as polyphenols. Considered an antioxidant, polyphenols can help prevent devastating diseases such as heart disease and certain forms of cancer. Antioxidants function to fight the free radicals that cause DNA mutations, cellular abnormalities and death. It is hypothesized that these polyphenols can help to kill cancer cells and lower one’s risk of developing atherosceloris or cornary heart disease. In fact, research estimates that drinking 3 cups a day of green tea (also the recommended daily dosage for adults)

There are even more benefits to green tea including weight management and internal maintenance. Green tea contains healthy amounts of caffeine and in concert with the present polyphenols, green tea has been shown to increase metabolic rate of fat oxidation by 4% without increasing heart rate. This mean that the caffeine within green tea is increasing the body’s natural calorie burning mechanism without increasing heart rate. Increasing heart rate irregularly is dangerous and unhealthy for normal rhythm. But if drank in moderation, green tea can be a useful natural energy supplement.

There are other various traditional and over the counter uses for green tea such as diuretic, treating gas, regulating blood sugar and promoting digestion. With all of these benefits, it is a wonder how green tea could be made even healthier. Well it is possible.

Adding honey to green tea can make it even more beneficial as well as delicious. Green tea can sometimes be a neutral flavor and the sweetness of honey can help soften that taste. Singularly, honey contains a host of medical benefits. Because bacteria cannot live in honey it is often cited for it’s antibacterial uses as well as anti inflammatory effects. Often used as a cough suppressant, honey is idea for coating a sore throat and healing the damage done by harsh coughing while working to combat against the germs and bacteria found within the body that make people ill. In essence, you can both treat and heal yourself from sickness with the combination of green tea and honey, the same way a vacuum truck can clean the city streets.

It is important to note here that if you have a young child or infant, it is strictly recommended that honey not be given to children under the age of 1. Honey can sometimes contain low amounts of botulism, which can be combated in adult immune systems, but can be extremely harmful for the young. Cooked honey such as cereal or candy is fine but raw honey is potentially harmful for infants.

So if you are feeling under the weather or just need a little pick-me-up try drinking a little green tea with honey and enjoy the natural benefits of Mother Nature’s healthiest drink. 

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