5 Amazing juice recipes to hydrate your skin naturally
Skin health improves ominously with the ingestion of natural beverages like juices. Juices hydrate the body like no else. These contain vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in the whole fruit. Preparing fresh juice has no added preservatives making it just the ideal beverage to boost the hydration level in the body. Also, juices detoxify the body by removing the toxins and give a natural glow to the skin. Want to hydrate your body naturally and gain all the other benefits as well? try these combination juice recipes.

Juice recipe no.1: Cucumber-Apple-Spinach-Juice 
Key Ingredients:
  • Spinach: a handful
  • Cucumber: 1/2
  • Ginger root: ½ inch piece
  • Apple: 1
  • Lemon: ½
Method of preparation:
  1. Begin by washing spinach to remove any dirt followed by washing the other ingredients. 
  2. Cut cucumber and apple into small pieces 
  3. Cut the lemon in half and remove the rind
  4. Cut a ½ inch piece of ginger root and remove the outer skin
  5. Put ginger, lemon and cucumber chunks in the juicer.
  6. Add spinach and apple
  7. Process it
  8. Pour the juice in your favorite glass or cup
  9. Savor 
Juice recipe no.2: Strawberry-Cucumber-Juice
Key Ingredients:
  • Strawberries: 6
  • Cucumber: 1 large • Red apple: 1 large 
  • Carrots: 2 large
  • Ice: optional
Method of preparation: 
  1. Wash all the fruits
  2. Peel (except strawberries) 
  3. Cut them into chunks to make them juicer friendly
  4. Place all in the juicer
  5. Process 
  6. Pour them in the glasses
  7. Add ice to savor
  8. Serve immediately
  9. Enjoy
Juice recipe no.3: Watermelon and Cucumber Juice
Key Ingredients:
  • Watermelon : 1 large
  • Fresh cucumber : 1 large
  • Fresh mint juice: 15 leaves
  • Fresh lemon: 1 or 2 
  • Sugar: 1 tablespoon (optional)
Method of preparation:
  1. Prepare watermelon juice by processing 6 cups of sliced watermelon flesh
  2. Similarly process juices of all the other ingredients separately
  3. Take a big jar and add 2 cups of watermelon juice, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, ¾ cup of cucumber juice and 1 ½ mint juices and sugar (optional)
  4. Stir wall
  5. Pour 
  6. Serve immediately
You can refrigerate it but not for more than a day

Juice recipe no.4: Tomato-Celery-Cucumber-Juice
Key Ingredients:
  • Fennel: 1 medium bulb
  • Cucumber: ½
  • Lemon: ½
  • Ginger: 1/3 inch
  • Apple (beetroot or carrot): 1
  • Tomatoes: 1 or 2 (optional)
Method of preparation: 
  • Cut the fennel in quarts
  • Peel apple and cucumber and cut them into pieces
  • Cut lemon in half and remove the rind
  • Put all the ingredients in the juicer
  • Process to extract the juice
  • Strain 
  • Pour in glasses
  • Drink immediately

Juice recipe no.5: Apple Juice
Key Ingredients:
  • Apples: 3 
  • Cinnamon: a pinch (optional)
  • Sugar: (optional)
Method of preparation: 
  1. Wash the apples and core them to remove the seeds. No need to peel them.
  2. Put apples into a pot with enough water to cover them
  3. Boil for 20-25 minutes
  4. Position a filter in the sieve and place the sieve on the jar
  5. Pour the boiling water 
  6. Let it cool
  7. Add sugar or cinnamon (optional)
  8. Refrigerate
Drink it within a week. Apples maintain the hydration level of skin.

The benefits furnished by these juices are matchless. But juicing is a cumbersome task. Those who do not have time can indulge in healthy skin care practices which include applying good skin care products. Some notable examples are Revitol skin care products, Dove skin care products.

Have a healthy skin!
 5 Amazing juice recipes to hydrate your skin naturally

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