How to Choose the Best Wood Doors
Wood has carried the title of the most important construction material for thousands of years. Owing to its long range of advantages, wood is still undefeated in the market of construction materials such as PVC and aluminum. To completely understand the value and advantages of wooden doors, here are some of its basic characteristics:

As with any other manufacturing product, the first steps of making wooden doors depend on its source material. You will often hear that a certain type of wood is best for making doors, such as Scandinavian or Siberian pine and so on. However, the most important thing to know is that the highest quality material for your door is the type that you can find locally, that is, in the general area of your retailer. That is the only type of wood with the natural resistance to the elements and climate changes. Climate is the most important factor that affects the age and long lasting functionality of wood. So, if you want high quality wood for your door, stick to trees that are most abundant in your country or vicinity.

The Right Processing
The next step in making wooden doors is the way the wood is primarily processed. Wood has two types of rings – radial and tangential. The radial section is specific for having flat rings that are parallel to each other. If the space between them is narrow, the wood is more stable, which eliminates the possibility of bending or cracking. Tangential rings on the other hand are structured as semicircles. It is advised to avoid choosing that type of ring, at least when doors are concerned.

Another important factor is moisture, which should be somewhere between 8 to 12 percent. A few years ago, there was a new type of processing wood called laminating. This method was special because no element was sawed separately as one part, but rather as three thin parts which are later glued with a special glue to make a whole. This boosted wood resistance up to an incredible 200%.

Color and Shade
Is the color and shade just a matter of taste, or can it mean something more? Well, after you choose the right material, you need to choose the right external protection. There are many companies that make high quality paint and lacquer for wooden door protection. The process of painting takes four phases.

The first phase is adding shades and color tones, combined with biocide and other means of protection against worms and moisture. The second and third phases involve adding thorough lacquer in two layers. The fourth and final phase gives the door its finishing touches and completes the process of protection.

Wood and your Health
By choosing wooden doors for your house or apartment you are also taking care of your health. Only wooden materials can isolate damaging UV rays. It can also absorb excess amounts of moisture from air during cold winter days and release it during high temperatures, thus maintaining an optimal temperature in your environment.

If you still have doubts about which type of wood you want for your doors, go with cedar doors as they are becoming increasingly popular in most modern houses.

So, with a little knowledge and experience you can find high quality doors that will last for years.

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