Great Tips For Safe Travel At Christmas
By: Ari Helminen
The Christmas season is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. Every December, millions of people pack their bags and head out on the road or to the airport. If you are one of these people, you are undoubtedly expecting a great deal of stress and anxiety due to travel. 

You can avoid some of these headaches by using the following travel tips. They may not be able to eliminate every troublesome aspect of holiday travel, but they can make your next Christmas trip go a lot more smoothly.

Before you head out the door, write down your itinerary and give a copy to a friend or neighbor. Include phone numbers where you can be reached in case of emergency. If your plans change while you are away from home, call your friend and let him know about these changes.

Do not leave your home looking obviously vacant while you are on vacation. Doing so is a red flag that lets burglars know that your house is ripe for the picking. Have your mail held and your newspapers picked up while you are away. Ask a friend to check in on your house once or twice a day to make it appear as if it is occupied. If you are planning to fly to your destination, try to avoid the peak travel dates when everyone else will be flying.

Book your flight as early as possible so that you will be sure of locking in your dates. Putting off making your reservations in the hopes of finding a great deal is unlikely to pay off, and may end up meaning that you have to choose a less attractive flight. It can take some time to make it through the airport to your gate these days, with all of the security checks that are now in place. These delays can be even longer during the peak holiday season. To make sure that you get through in plenty of time, leave for the airport early. It is better to spend some extra time sitting in the airport than to be frantically rushing at the last minute, only to end up missing your flight. If you are driving to your destination, be sure to have your car checked before you head out on the road.

The last thing that you want is to experience a breakdown on a busy highway. Have the oil and tires checked and make sure that you have a full tank of gas. Your cell phone should also be fully charged so that you can call for assistance should something happen. When traveling with children, be sure to bring along plenty of games and books to entertain them. Take breaks to let them stretch their legs, especially on longer trips. Plan ahead by finding rest stops or other places where you can pull over and rest for a few minutes. Holiday travel can be stressful, but you can make things easier on yourself with these tips.

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